Introduction: Tae

(Tae Chin) #1

Hello, my name is Tae and I live in the Atlanta area. I got connected through the RZIM Church Leaders Conference. Just looking to learn and grow so that I can serve God more faithfully where He has called me. I’m not sure how I could contribute here, but I plan to take what I’ve learned and bring it back to my congregation.

(SeanO) #2

@nihceat Welcome to Connect! So encouraged that you are seeking to faithfully serve the Church and praying that you will be blessed greatly both through your time at the Church Leader’s Conference and here on Connect :slight_smile: You might be surprised how helpful sharing your perspective can be for others - we each have unique experiences. Christ be with you.

(Scott Dockins) #3


Your contribution to the Connect community may be vague at present, but you are not here by accident my friend.

Welcome to Connect! I am glad you are here and look forward to your future participation.

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