Introduction: Teri

Hi everyone, my name is Teri

Where are you from? I’m from Tacoma WA

What led you to join Connect?
After the death of my husband I’ve had many questions on suffering and pain. God is patiently holding my hand as I’m walking this new journey. My loss has led to to connect with many angry hurting people who have suffered loss who have never experienced the hope and healing of Jesus Christ. I want to most effectively and thoughtfully know how to introduce them the truth that will set them free.

How do you hope to contribute?
I’m in the very beginning of my journey into apologetics and have little experience to offer but through questions I hope to glean and through experience hope to share.


Welcome, Teri! Glad you are here.

I hope this community and site will help you find answers to your painful questions.

love you, sister! so sorry for your loss…



Hello, Terri, and welcome to Connect. I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband and the pain you are experiencing. Please know you’ve found a community who will walk with you, even as our Lord promises to walk with us.


Hi Teri @Ter
Thanks so much for joining us :heart:

I can only imagine the pain and heartbreak you’ve experienced. The visual of God patiently holding your hand as you walk this journey touched my heart. It’s true- He is near and with you. He is patient. Continue to draw near to Him, and He will give you the strength and understanding you need.

There are others here who have shared their own grief stories (Benji @BH1974 comes to mind) , and have made it a point (as you have) to reach out to other hurting people.

You have a unique opportunity having been in their shoes. So thankful for the way God is using you to speak into others’ lives, and relate to their pain.

I’m sure you will be a blessing here- as well as, find encouragement for yourself.

God bless you, sweet Teri


Thank you so much Brittany, I’m feeling the love.


blessings Teri

sorry for loss of your husband just remember absent in the body present in the Lord. my dad passed away a year ago and he was a pastor also got loss but was found in CHRIST only JESUS can fill that gap in your heart. just trust him and speak to him and he will speak we can rest assure that we will see our love ones again when we in CHRIST. dont let go of JESUS


Thank you for your encouragement- what a mess I would be without this hope!

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stay blessed in JESUS name

Hello Teri
Thanking the Lord for the strength and hope and for being there for you in ways only He can.

The patience I see in you is unreal Teri. The fact that your husband is gone from sight, even while you know he is with Jesus I still can’t imagine what you have to go through. I will not forget hearing this from you and I’m really happy I came across your story it surely changes part of me in a good way. Thank you Teri.

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Thank you for your kind words.