Introduction: Theja


(Theja Tseikha) #1

Hello everyone. Glad to be a part of this initiative. Really blessed through RZIM. Bumped into Connect out of nowhere after hearing it from Let My People Think podcast. Hope and pray that it shall be a blessing to us and to others.

Introduction: Carson Weitnauer
(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Theja, welcome to Connect! I’m so glad you heard about us through Let My People Think! What a great resource! What is the main reason you listen to Let My People Think?

(Theja Tseikha) #3

Hi Carson. Mm…one of the main reason would be because of my own struggles with some questions which Ravi addresses with an honest and confident approach, and I personally find it encouraging that there are answers to be found to the questions we have. Also the way this ministry is, not just dealing with the intellectual stuffs but also the ‘heart’ and genuine people living out the faith. :slight_smile:

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome @Theja. Glad to have you aboard. So glad that you are here. I love “let my people think” as well. I often use “just thinking” which is the weekly podcast for the start of my day. I am sure your input will be a blessing to all of us here.

(Vaisal Dathan) #5

Hai Theja,
Glad to come in touch with you.
Expecting to learn together.
God bless!
Vaisal Dathan