Introduction to Me

(Carolyn Matyjanka) #1

Hi there! Im Carolyn. Been a Christian since Sept. 1983, 4 months after I got married!! My poor husband didn’t know what had happened! :wink: I heard about this platform while watching a recording of “How Can I Know My Gender” presented by Sam Allberry.

(Sara Isaac) #2

Welcome Carolyn! I’m glad that you joined. I hope this would become a source of blessing for you and your family. I am interested to know what did you think of Sam’s talk?

(Carolyn Matyjanka) #3

Omigosh, so GOOD!! It’s why I signed up for Connect!! He was so respectful and gentle of people with gender dysphoria, and with a nephew struggling with it and set to have surgery, I want to be able to speak the truth in love with him!!

(Sara Isaac) #4

Yes he was! I will be praying for you dear that God may give you wisdom and channel His love through your words.
Blessings dear Carolyn.

(Olivia Davis) #5

Welcome Carolyn! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your story! I admire your desire to speak the truth in love with your nephew. It’s such a challenging thing, but it also makes us draw nearer to Christ as we realize that Jesus is going to help us as we do!

I hope you find Connect to be a fruitful place of engagement, fellowship, and learning! Jump in and add your perspective in the forums. I can’t wait to see what I learn from you!