Introduction: Vanessa McKay

(vanessa) #1

Hi everyone!
I am Vanessa ! I am from Niagara Falls Canada. Currently living in Salem, Oregon for a Discipleship training program at YWAM.
Here to get some extra guidance in certain areas.
I am 23 as well:)
Its a privilege to be a part of this community .

(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome to Connect, @vmckay! I’m sure that you will find a great deal of wisdom and knowledge from the community here. Did you have particular questions in mind that you were hoping to discuss?

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @vmckay! It’s always great to have YWAMers on here. I pray that this community can be an encouragement to you in your path of discipleship. :slight_smile:

(vanessa) #4

Hi Joshua !

At this point more about the age of the earth. I had posted one originally before introducing myself . But for sure more on that subject . And as well spiritual warfare .