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(Vibha) #1

Hi everyone, i thank for this wonderful app. I have friends who are from muslim community. They ask questions like who is jesus and who is father if he is God then who is Jesus? I really dont know how to answer these questions. Am from India working as a teacher in US . And i love jesus.

(SeanO) #2

@Vibhajadi Welcome to Connect! Since you are sharing Christ with followers of Islam, you may find Nabeel Qureshi’s book and videos helpful if you are not already familiar. Along with David Wood, who was key in his journey to faith, they answer some commonly asked questions. Blessings!

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Vibhajadi! So glad you hare here, and I see you have already received at least one general response to your query. I trust as other specific questions arise that you feel comfortable engaging here. There are so many kind, passionate, and well-read Christians here that you will be blessed with their response, and they will be blessed by having the opportunity to assist. Just said a prayer for you in your pursuits with your Muslim friends as well as your time here and on this site. God bless.

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome, @Vibhajadi! We’re so glad you’ve found us here on Connect. :slight_smile: We pray that God would encourage you in your journey of faith through your interaction with our community! And may he bless your work as a teacher. What an important job to be doing!

(Vibha) #5

Thank you so much . I know Nabeel Quereshi . I told my friends about him gave them the link but still struck at same question that jesus is human he is not God. Pray for my friends. Sometimes it becomes hard for me to answer them.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @Vibhajadi, I think all of us, if we’re being honest, struggle to answer our friends’ questions. That’s exactly why we come to RZIM Connect. It is a safe, respectful place to ask our questions - or ask the questions our friends have - and get encouragement and help in how to answer them well. Please share your questions here whenever you get stuck or aren’t sure what to say to the difficult questions that your friends ask.

(Keldon Scott) #7

May God give you the wisdom of truth and the ability to communicate it in a way that is loving and attractive.

(Brian) #8

Welcome Vibha and great to be able to love Jesus alongside you :grinning:.


(Vibha) #9

Thank you so much and its very true, RZIM connect is a wonderful platform.

(Benjamin ) #10

hi and welcome as well! additionally to the book already recommended nabeel wrote another one which I recently read and it could be of help. regards and be blessed

(Vibha) #11

Thank you so much