Introduction: Vili Kami

(Vili) #1

Hi everyone
My name is Viliami Kami. I’ve been a Christian since I was little, but didn’t start to get to know Christ until a couple of weeks back. I’ve always felt strongly about my faith, but recently I’ve never been able to communicate to others about my faith when they state that it is “Anti-Gay, Misogynistic, the same as any other religion, etc.”. This is also the reason why I’d like to get into Apologetics.

Hope to gain some wisdom whilst I spend some time here.

(Andilina) #2

Welcome, Vili! RZIM is a GREAT place to learn how to respond when topics such as you mentioned are brought up. I struggle with these conversations as well and I’ve only recently joined the RZIM online community myself. Past experience with RZIM has taught me that the people here are very knowledgeable in the questions and responses given. They are also very kind and very humble which is perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of Christianity. We don’t win souls for Christ by winning arguments. We win relationships by being friends of and for Christ. God bless and Welcome! :hugs:

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #3

Hello, Vili (@AlphaOmega). Welcome to Connect. This community will be glad to serve you regarding your questions. Please feel free to post your questions in the “Daily Evangelism” Category. Let’s grow together in this community. :slight_smile: