Introduction: Yolande Mirza

(Yolande Mirza) #1

Hi everyone, I am so excited for having discovered RZIM a few years ago and doing all the training weekends. I have been SO filled, fuelled and ministered by their work… I am passionate about growing in knowledge of the bible and the world, to provide evidence of the gospel. I am so in love with God, and my faith is what keeps me going all the time, but I still want a deeper relationship with Him. I would not know how to have direction otherwise. For me, seeing people get healed and saved, and seeing the visible bettering of their lives through Christianity iso anything else, is a huge driver. My goal is to learn how to be an evangelist and apologist who is significant to non-believers so that they would consider Christ. Based: Abingdon

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome, @YolandeMirza! It is great to hear how the Lord has been working in your life

(Kathleen) #3

Hello, @YolandeMirza! We’re glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. :slight_smile: The only Abingdon I know of is in the UK. Is that where you are based? If so, we’re neighbours! It was so good to read a bit of your story, and I look forward to learning with and from you!

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi, @YolandeMirza! What a beautiful testimony. It’s so exciting to meet someone who is in love with God! I am sure that you will be such a blessing to other people out on the forums. I look forward to learning from you! :slight_smile: