Introduction: Yosua Hardistianto, an undergraduate from Petra Christian University

(Yosua Hardistianto) #1

Hi everyone, i just complete core module months ago. Nice to meet you all, im not sure if you will be read this post or not but i am happy to engage at this community. My interest is philosophy of religion and christian worldview. Cheers from Indonesia

(Gregory Ho Chung Wai) #2

Hi Yosua,
Glad to meet you here on this platform. Whereabouts are you in Indonesia? God is moving mightily in Indonesia!

God bless

(Yosua Hardistianto) #3

im from Surabaya, where are you from gregory??

and yes, amen to that. Indonesia right now is having political tension because of presidential election

(Bryant Tanadjaya) #4

Hey man!

I just recently joined as well and finished the Core Module last year! So, welcome! So far it has been a good experience for me here and I’m sure you’ll find it well as well! Plus I’m also from Surabaya and I go to UBAYA. We should meet up sometime if you’re down for it!

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