Introduction: Zachary Braxton Self


(Zachary Self) #1

Hi Everyone!

I’m happy to finally be integrated with RZIM Connect and looking forward to discussing anything and everything related to scriptural exegesis and apologetics. I completed the core module earlier this year, and hope to dive back into some electives this Fall. Currently affiliated with Grace City church in Los Angeles. Evangelizing the city of fallen angels, according to God’s will.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @iammrself,

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve joined and look forward to your contributions. The core module is a fantastic experience. Connect is a great place to continue learning and growing until you can take one of the Academy’s electives!

(SeanO) #3

@iammrself Welcome to Connect! Glad to see you’ve joined the community and look forward to discussing lots of interesting topics with you out on the forums. The Lord bless you as you share His love and grace.

(Jimmy Sellers) #4

A good welcome to you and a hope that God will continue you bless your efforts.