Introduction: Zack Byler

(Zack Byler) #1

Hi everyone! I’m Zack Byler, from Warren Ohio.

I am a business owner for 6 years and I am slowly exploring a call into ministry. I have been feeling out my gifting as an evangelist and a teacher and how that would fit into today’s average church. It is a mind boggling profession - being a pastor of some sort.

Thanks for all the help and being agreat influence on me!

(Andrew Bulin) #2

Hey @zmbyler, welcome!

What business do you own and how did you find yourself transitioning from that to this call to evangelism? Do you see yourself doing both indefinitely, or eventually switching all your time and focus to evangelism?

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @zmbyler! That is indeed a momentous calling, but one well worth the pursuit! I’m sure that you will find the community here on Connect to be edifying and uplifting for you as you wrestle through many tough questions that I’m sure will come along! I would love to hear more about what it is looked like for you to begin that transition - have you been able to serve in some evangelistic ministries? Have you found some great places to begin teaching?

Again, welcome to Connect! I hope you find the community as edifying as I do!