(Kathleen) #1

Hi, all! My name is Kathleen, and I am a southern American currently residing in Oxford. I am an alumni of the OCCA program (2015-16), who stayed behind to work for a local Acts 29 church plant. I love this city, and I especially love what God is doing here. RZIM is a ministry that is close to my heart, and I’ve enjoyed getting to be even a tiny part of some very big initiatives they are running both here and around the globe. Do say hello if you are ever passing through!

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Kathleen_McCallen!

Where in the south are you from? I’m writing to you from Atlanta and love the South. (I know it has many flaws to be lamented as well).

It is exciting to meet an OCCA alum - what an amazing program, and glad to hear that you are making use of it in a church plant!

I look forward to your questions and answers in the community - may this be a fruitful place for you.


(Kathleen) #3

Thank you, Carson! I was born and raised in Memphis, so not too far from Hotlanta, which I’ve been to and through a number of times. (Since most roads in the south lead there!) Excited to be connected to a wider group on this platform, and pray that God will use it to strengthen his people throughout the world!

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Kathleen_McCallen,

Memphis! I went to Rhodes College and spent two years there after college. I was a member at Second Presbyterian under Sandy Willson. I ate most of my BBQ at Central BBQ and really miss my time there. Great to meet someone from Memphis!


(Kathleen) #5

AH! Iiiiiiiit’s a smallllll worrrrld, aaaaaafterall… My home church is IPC down the road, but I have loads of friends at 2PC, and I worked for 6 years at PDS - so that’s very familiar territory for me. It’s a city that gets into your soul, isn’t it? Love it!

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi Kathleen,

Very cool!! Yes, Memphis really does have that “something” that sticks with you long after you leave. I think it is the BBQ sauce. Those are some great institutions you were associated with - it is such a pleasure to have you in Connect!