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Introductions! Post em here!

Hey guys! I’m going to be interacting with you on here this week for Refresh. A little bit about me:
• My diet consists of Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pies, authentic Japanese ramen, and apologetics.
• I once had dinner with Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, and Bibleman.
• I enjoy long walks on the beach.
• One time I got out of the middle seat on the airplane by ninja-crawling over the sleeping person in the aisle.
•.Ultimate frisbee isn’t a hobby—it’s a lifestyle.
• This image represents me:

Tell me:

  1. What is your favorite kind of ramen?
  2. What is your favorite Bible verse?
  3. Who has the best hair at RZIM, and why is it me?

Hi! I’m so glad to see I’m one of the 1sts to introduce myself! Haha!

I’m Theo, from South Africa, 19 years old, and covid19 actually made it possible for us to be joining you guys this week! Thank you so much!

I had to google what Ramen is, I’d say I’m more a fan of Spaghetti Bolognaise. My current favourite verse is Col 3:3-4 and with it 3:10.
And I wish I had a hairstyle like yours haha!


Where in South Africa? My wife is from Lesotho so we visit SA every couple of years!


Welcome, @Theo! Glad you are able to join from South Africa. I’m not sure you @Matthew_Mittelberg’s hair though. It seems like a lot of upkeep. :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy the week!



Hello! I am Josué, I live here in San Antonio, Texas. Glad to be joining!
I don’t recall ever eating ramen before, actually, so I am not informed enough to have an opinion concerning that :laughing:
I think a favorite verse of mine is Micah 7:18-19.
I must admit, I have yet to see an RZIM member with better hair than your own Matthew!


Hello friends! I’m SO excited for the opportunity to actually join Refresh this year!! I’m addicted to AskAway so this is gonna be great :))

My name is Grace Anne (not just Grace, haha). I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania, I work on my family’s orchard, and am so passionate and excited about everything related to my love and God, Jesus Christ!!!

For Matthew, honestly I haven’t had Ramen although I anticipate in the next year headed into college that’s gonna be a thing! I love Romans 8:28 and lately also Hebrews 4:16. And Matthew, your hair is pretty nice, although I would need to do a whole assessment of RZIM in order to 100% truthfully answer this lovely question :slight_smile:


Hey friends. Stoked to be back this year, but so sad I am not seeing you in person again.

  1. I don’t eat ramen.
  2. Psalm 27
  3. Best hair definitely goes to @Kasey_Leander

Hello everyone! Excited to hit the ground running tomorrow!

My name is Jose, I’m 19 years old from The Woodlands, Texas! I’m currently attending Texas Tech University as a pre-med student!

  1. My favorite kind of ramen is hands down, a Spicy Kimchi Miso Ramen… 10/10!!
  2. Hm… either Romans 8:38-39 or Malachi 3:3
  3. Honestly… Matthew you take the cake on best hair haha :joy:

My name is Aurora, I am from the Great White North in Wild Rose country aka Alberta, Canada. I was at Refresh 2017 in person and I am glad for the opportunity covid presents for me to “be here” again. A bit about me:

  • my Grandma is Pennsylvania Deutsch and possibly still has duel citizenship
  • I enjoy creative writing
  • I am a nursing student
  • thinking keeps me up at night sometimes
    And if you would just add a nice S in front of all those he’s, this describes me half of the time


and also me:

Mega mind 1


Hello everyone!! This is my first time attending a Refresh event…And I’m really excited!!

My name is Nidhin and I am 17 years old. I live in Dubai, UAE. I am currently attending my final year at high school.


  1. I have had Ramen just once and honestly I don’t remember much about it.
  2. I love Romans 8:35-39
  3. Well, Matthew…you certainly have a good hairstyle but if given a chance, I wouldn’t want your hair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello everyone! It’s my first year joining Refresh and I am super excited to be a part of this :)))

My name is Kate and I’m from the Philippines. I am currently taking up Early Education, on my way to being a future educator :slight_smile:

My favorite ramen would be Tantanmen! Little bit of spicy, little bit of peanut-y! Might try cooking it since we’re still not allowed to go out. My favorite verse would be Jeremiah 29:11 (very important to keep at heart especially in these troubling times). And yes, I have to agree you got some good style!


Hi everyone! Super duper excited to be here!

  1. As long as it’s flavorful and yummy, I’m game.
  2. It depends on the season, Gen 18.25 comes to mind at the moment.
  3. Yeah, I’m not getting in the middle of that, lol. I could have said mine, but you said at RZIM, :grin:

Hi! My name is Inge-Marie, I am from Pretoria, South Africa, and am so excited to join Refresh this week!

I’ve never had ramen, but willing to try…
My favourite verses are Psalm 91:14-16 were God promises He will hold us fast, deliver and protect us, and answer us when we call on him. It’s amazing to know God is our personal Lord who is trustworthy and always keeps his promises.
And, @Matthew_Mittelberg, I feel it is completely unfair having such a … fabulous… hairstyle and not sharing any tips.

I know the order of cereal and milk sparks a lot of controversy, but for me the real debate is: are you a sock-sock, shoe-shoe, type of person. Or do you wreak havoc by doing sock-shoe, sock-shoe?


Anne you do have the best hair!!!


Sock shoe sock shoe. In case of a fire and you need to exit in the middle. Can’t let both foot get dirty.


I’m from Nelspruit, it’s a bit farther to the north. It’s in the lowveld, similar to the bushveld, just a lot greener and lusher, about a 40min drive to the Kruger Park.

I’ve been to Lesotho once or twice, it’s a really beautiful country! The endless twists and turns of the mountains and the frozen streams!


Glad to see you’ll be joining us!! Haha!


Hello, I’m quite excited to be here. :star_struck: I’m Bassey from Nigeria. I stay in Cross River State and I’m efik by tribe. I’m 23 and I’m single. I’m actually joining Refresh 2020 for the first time.

My favorite meals are quite native to my region and may be difficult to pronounce over there. My best meal is Edikang-Ikong Soup (Generally called Vegetable soup in English). I can’t really say I have a favorite bible verse cos I just love the whole Scripture. However, one of the verses that helped transform my life is Proverbs 22:11 - ‘He that loveth purity of heart, for the grace of his lips, the King will be his friend’. I kind of love my hair cut cos my hair grows spiky; however, @Matthew_Mittelberg, you do have a great hair.


Hi guys! im really glad to be able to be apart of this, I absolutely love this

My name is Justin and I’m actually also from South Africa as well as 19 but Ramen is not particularly popular here but As @Theo said, Spaghetti Bolognaise is literally incredible. favourite verse actually a tough one but i would probably go with Isaiah 55:12-13 and given that i shaved my head not too long ago due to lockdown I wouldn’t mind having a head of hair like you Matthew