Is dominion theology a problem in the Church?

Hello, Kasey:

I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to ask someone with some of your background these couple of questions. (They are tightly related, so hopefully not too complicated to answer.)

1- Do you see dominion theology / dominionism as a problem within the church? If so, how much of a problem does it pose to the church and to its mission?

2- If so, can you comment on any differences, distinctions, or degrees of problems between dominionism in the U.S. versus outside the U.S.?

3- If it is a serious problem, is it being addressed adequately by church leadership, broadly speaking?

4- If it is not being addressed adequately, how should church leadership proceed in dealing with it? What about lay members of the church?

I ask these questions because I believe this IS a serious problem in the church, and this comes from probably 40 years or so of observing the effects of this false doctrine (I’m calling it that) in the church. I won’t detail any of my own opinions or observations, just looking for a fresh perspective. Most Christians I talk to seem to have little to no clue about this issue.

Really appreciate your thoughts on this…




Hey Steve!

Really appreciate this question. Video response below- let me know what you think!