Is Erwin McManus biblical?

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #1

The other day someone I know suggested that I check out this book:

I have never heard of Erwin McManus before until then. The book’s description raised some flags, as it sounds like a self-help “live your life to its fullest.” I’m always weary when I come across these types of books where the author claims to be a Christian but the description has more to do with you then with the bible or Jesus. I tried to check the website of the church that he is senior pastor of, but couldn’t find their statement of faith. I did find this old article on the gospel coalition, but it is over ten years old.

His Wikipedia page labels him as a mystic.
I was hoping for some feedback on what people know about Erwin McManus and his theology. If you have read one of his books, what were thoughts? Was it more self-help or did it have biblical teachings?

(R. S. Mills) #2

Wow. I only read one of his books called the “Artisan Soul” where he speaks to the heart of artists like myself. It was very moving and backed up with scripture. I still consider it one of the best books I have ever read on the subject matter of navigating as an artist in God’s kingdom. He was biblical then, and I hope he still is today, but labeled as a mystic is concerning. If you have not purchased it yet, I would take a look at the table of contents and the excerpt claim of what the book is about. Furthermore, if you respect and trust your friend as a Godly source of wisdom than perhaps they’re not leading you astray.