Is God Limited by Logic?

What is the relationship between God and logic? If God is logical, does that mean He is subservient to the laws of logic? Or are the laws of logic subservient to God and therefore defined – and possibly manipulated – by Him? This week on Ask Away, Vince and Jo Vitale respond to a listener’s questions on the nature of logic, the character of God, and how to hold the tension between the two.

Hi Robert

I tried to listen to Vince and Jo commenting on this topic but it says the audio file isn’t supported. If I am to take a crack at your question I would say that that God is limited by logic but this is not the same as saying that he is subservient to the laws of logic.

It seems to me that the laws of logic are simply a formal way of saying the obvious. Something cannot be A and not A. If A is true then not A is false. God cannot create himself as God or anyone else for that matter have to exist before creating. These are, it seems to me, meaningless statements and therefore it is meaningless to say God is subservient to the laws of logic.

In the same token I would also say that the statement laws of logic are not subservient to God has no meaning in the same way it is meaningless to talk about statements such as A can be true and false in the same sense.

I once heard a preacher say in answer to the question about, “What does all powerful mean in relation to God?” answered by saying that God can do anything that can be done. I think this is a very wise answer. All powerful does not mean that God can do logically impossible things or create a stone so big that He cannot lift it! It is interesting to me that even the Bible talks of things that God cannot do such as lie.

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