Is God timeless?

(Shanta Tamang) #1

hello friends. I am form Nepal. in my Facebook I saw One Atheist was writing that if God created everything including Time .If God created time then he must be timeless. He was saying that Thinking also Needs Time as it is a mental activity. How could God create time if God needs to think before the creation?? either God unthinkingly made entire cosmos or he didn’t create time as thinking need time? or time is nothing but just the relation with changes.or God has his own time?? how to convince the person with that notion??

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

I find that question interesting because it reminds me of John Lennox when he said that he was asked “When you say that God spoke in Genesis, does that mean he has lungs and a voice box?” Lennox replied by quoting C.S. Lewis which was along the lines of “when Jesus says he’s a door, do we ask what kind of wood he is? No, of course not!”
I guess my point is that there are human attributes given to God that aren’t necessarily meant to be literal. God created time but lives in eternity.
I find it that the atheist you mention has a misunderstanding of eternal. I find, as a finite human being born in sin, that the concept of eternity is extremely hard to grasp. That is why it is so easy to misunderstand or misinterpret it. I love these quotes:

“Though we cannot possibly comprehend this idea of eternity or the timelessness of God, we in our finite minds try to confine an infinite God to our time schedule. Those who foolishly demand that God operate according to their time frame ignore the fact that He is the “High and Lofty One . . . who lives forever” (Isaiah 57:15).”

"Again, because of our finite minds, we can only grasp the concept of God’s timeless existence in part. And in so doing, we describe Him as a God without a beginning or end, eternal, infinite, everlasting, etc. Psalm 90:2 declares, “From everlasting to everlasting You are God” (see also Psalm 93:2). He always was and always will be. "

'So, what is time? To put it simply, time is duration. Our clocks mark change or, more precisely, our timepieces are benchmarks of change that indicate the passage of time. We could say, then, that time is a necessary precondition for change and change is a sufficient condition to establish the passage of time. In other words, whenever there’s change of any kind we know that time has passed. We see this as we go through life, as we age. And we cannot recover the minutes that have passed by."

" And this brings us to the meaning of the word eternity . Eternity is a term used to express the concept of something that has no end and/or no beginning. God has no beginning or end. He is outside the realm of time. Eternity is not something that can be absolutely related to God. God is even beyond eternity."

This is where I heard John Lennox:

(C Rhodes) #3

@Shanta_Tamang. @O_wretched_man is on the bull’s eye. Your atheist is not wrong in his assumptions. But only as they relate to life in our world. We forget we were made in the image of GOD. GOD is not made in our image nor governed by our temporal limitations. The problem with atheism is it locks down our ability to reason beyond what we can understand, touch or experience. I guess that is to be expected when you insist that your personal experience is all there is to know.

GOD would not be GOD if His existence was reliant upon the natural laws of the world He created. GOD’s thinking is not different its just not subject to limitations like ours.