Is God truly omnipotent?

(Luna) #1

When I reveal that God can not go against his own nature and I say he can’t lie or steal or rape things get a little complex. I also say he won’t do anything outside the laws of logic. Such as make a square circle or something like that. When I do say this people opposing the idea of God usually say that if those things are true then he’s not omnipotent.

Is this the case or just their opinion?

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(Matthew Mingus) #2

This is a question that sounds at first glance as if it is about power, but I think it is really more of an attack at God’s character. If God does not do illogical things, or things that are outside of His character, then He is not all-powerful(omnipotent). But if God’s power/abilities do not operate logically, then we are not talking about someone who has any kind of control over the power they have, which results ultimately in chaotic process.
Look at it from this perspective, if I say that I live in a free country and, therefore, I can do anything I want to do, then am I correct? Quick answer: NO. People confuse the idea of freedom being the ability to do anything they want to do, but can you imagine if everyone could just do whatever they wanted, anytime they wanted? That would not be freedom, it would be utter chaos. Therefore, we have laws which govern us and keep us from descending into this chaotic situation. Freedom cannot truly exist apart from the laws that maintain it, there is no such thing as absolute freedom.
When people make the statement that if God, being all-powerful, cannot do illogical things with His power, then He is not all-powerful, it is a logical fallacy within itself. Power does not just mean doing anything without any consideration or consequence, any true power assumes control and logical outworking. If there is no control, then there is no actual power. Yes God is omnipotent, but that very statement infers that He has control of the powers He holds and that infers logic and reason.
Hopefully this is helpful. God bless you and thank you.

(Sara Isaac) #3

I would ask them then what if we said that God cannot sin, does that also mean that He is not omnipotent? I think there’s a logical fallacy here in that assumption. You can’t prove by logic that because God can’t be illogical and self-contradictory then faith in Him is illogical. To add on what @mmingus36 is saying, true freedom is not just doing whatever we feel like doing, but it lies in doing that which is consistent with who you are. That’s why Paul talked about the struggle of Sin as it being something that he didn’t want yet controlled him against his will. Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand. Even if it was in God’s capacity to go against a law He previously established, it doesn’t mean that He will.

(Jae Charles Call) #4

Greetings Luna, this is a common scenario that plays out in everyday life, but there are many fallacies that we are acquiescing to that must be understood.

The fallacy exists when one tries to establish their premise on their own understanding of how things work. If someone explains a phenomenon to their own understanding and applies it to a premise then they assume the logic is sound.

There are many, many cases of logical fallacies, I should encourage you to look into the RZIM Academy or research the subject.

In addition, our own perception, limits our understanding. For example, can a straight stick be both straight and bent at the same time? Yes, just put a stick in a glass full of water and it appears to bend. Our senses deceive us.

Things do not have to be complex, it is only our understanding of them. Here is a simple little scenario:

There is a 2 dimensional world where 2d objects go left and right, back and forward but never up or down. Picture a piece of paper, a plane. Now one day a 3d object, say an apple passes through this sheet of paper. Upon its first touch to the plane, four dots appear on the paper, the bottom most part of the apple. But as the apple keeps passing through the sheet of paper, the dots turn into circles that keep getting bigger until the midpoint of the apple give a circular looking shape that now decrease as the apple keeps passing.

Now the 2d objects can’t comprehend the apple, they discuss it and say that this can’t be or that can’t be, and ultimately they define it for as best they can and they think they are right.

Do you see what I mean? Scientist state that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line - but in curved space, the shortest distance between 2 points is a curve (gravity) in a 4 dimensional space time.

Now God even created time, He is outside of it. So, although I have studied and trained in the sciences, I do not have any problems, issues or concerns about God’s omnipotence.

Rather I am all the more amazed at Him!

Peace and Grace

(Jimmy Sellers) #5


I think you will find this video very helpful. It has a graphic representation of the illustration that @Jae_Charles_Call was referring to in his post and it covers quite a bit more. Discussion of this type with skeptic just keep get bigger. This video will be very helpful.

(Jae Charles Call) #6

Oh my Goodness, a super duper thanks to you Jimmy! I have not seen that video b4 but it is most appropriate!

As a Software Architect, I deal daily with many concepts that they speak about in the video as well as with my Theology studies. I love the abstract (mind boggling) side of God, as one theologian stated God would not be God if we could understand everything about Him! :slight_smile:

Thanks again my friend, you get the star of the day! Haha


(Godsgift ) #7

Thank you Luna for your bravery in putting up such a question here. This is why I like RZIM -there are no “useless/stupid questions”. However in response to the question I’d say this. We often fall into the trap of relating God from our human point of view. First God is sovereign,he is not bound by any law as we are. God’s actions cannot be judged by man’s laws. He is God. Sovereign-and by that also omnipotent. I hope this helps. Thanks