Is Islam about to go into some kind of reformation?


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Dr. Bannister
In light of what is going on in Saudi Arabia and Iran do you think that Islam is about to under go some sort of a reformation? I know that these two are not bosom buddies but both countries are facing serious changes, the Saudi’s prince pushing NEOM to an oil free economy and from the Prince himself:

“Seventy percent of the Saudi people are less than 30 years old, and we will not waste 30 years of our lives dealing with extremist ideas — we will destroy them today,” Mohammed bin Salman told the gathering. “We want to live a normal life.”

I think I hear Bob Dylan singing “A change is gonna come”.

And in Iran, based on what I have been reading, the popular revolt is not for a stricter adherence to Islam but for the Theocracy to pull back on it terrorist investments and spend the money on its on citizens. This doesn’t sound like hardline Muslims to me.

So is a change coming? If so what do you see? If Islam does change and become more moderate and self critical, (their text, their history) what might be the results?
I thank you in advance for considering my questions.

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Dr. Bannister,

Are there any particular sects of Islam that speak out against radicalism and violence? What are they?

Do you think that any of these sects orthopraxis matches their orthodoxy? Do they take steps to bring justice to the oppressed / persecuted or is it more that they do not harm others themselves?

Thank You

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Hi friends, here is Andy’s first response! Enjoy!

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