Is it biblical to take part in communion virtually

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Please some one explain to me regarding taking part in communion virtually through zoom on Sunday. I know communion should not be done as a ceremony or ritualistically. But is there any significance whilst taking part in communion through zoom along with my pastor. Or Is not good to take part in communion in this uncertainty of Covid-19.


When you say taking communion virtually I assume you mean that you take the elements of the Lord’s Supper at home while watching on line. Of course the Scriptural does not deal with this directly as the Internet did not exist at that time. That said, I would say a definite YES it is biblical to do this.

Communion comes from the word commune and it implies that you are joining together with others and more specifically with our Lord Jesus Christ in this spiritual action that is commanded by The Lord. And you are doing this in a special time as a means of creatively coming together in a time when we are asked to keep distant not so much for ourselves but for those others who are vulnerable to a disease.

Would I do this as the norm? Absolutely Not. However worshipping and doing things online is close to my heart as it helped me stay in contact with my home church when I worked overseas and there was no Church locally.

I will say here that not all Christian traditions would accept this answer. But I would say to them that The Lord’s Supper is a spiritual activity where we become one with our Lord in a very special way. I believe that He would have us do this online rather than not do it at all.
Just an old man’s opinion


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Thank you for your insight. I appreciate your effort to take your time to answer my question. I got some conviction through your answer.

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@Maheshnalluri This situation is not without Biblical precedent. Take a look at Numbers 9:1-14 for an interesting example from ancient Israel’s nascence. Some people were unable to celebrate the Passover because they were unclean because they had touched a dead body. God adapted the Law through Moses to accommodate their desire to celebrate that holiday despite their impediment to attending the celebration. God made holy occasions for Humankind, not Humankind for holy occasions.


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