Is It God or our brains?

Hello, I have a question that has been bothering me for months. When people say they change from reading the bible, they said it is because they renewed their minds. So is it God renewing their minds, or just them reading the bible a lot so they change. Like does the human brain or subconscious just change the person because they are reading the Bible a lot. That means its our brain changing us and not God. It’s kind of like if someone reads the quran a lot, they change. This is making it hard to believe in God for some reason. Im sorry if I am not wording this correctly, and its hard to understand me.


Hello @gabrielk

Thank you for sharing us this honest question. Skeptics alike often use this arguments to confuse us in our belief in the being of God contradicting to science.

There are a lot of responses can be made here. Let me just try to touch the surface and share with you few of those.

1.) Brain and Mind are different. Brain is the organ. Mind has a link in our consciousness. Brain is the matter. Mind goes beyond matter.

The point is, naturalist believe we are a product of time + matter + chance. In short, everything is just a chemical reaction. When a naturalist made the statement, “it our brain that changes us, not God.” Then that statement itself is a chemical reaction. And in the name of argument, reaction is different from reasoning. Some scientific, chemical reaction cannot be accepted in the name of reasoning.

Unless, if we grant that we are able to reason and make truth claim, then our brain goes beyond matter, therefore we have minds. If we come to the point of having a mind, then we are not just chemical reaction and product of time + matter + chance. An Intelligent, Personal Being is the Cause in the said paradigm.

2.) When we establish the existence of God through that line of reasoning, if we have mind, therefore it has a direct link to our soul. And if soul truly exists, then spiritual/supernatural realm does exist.

If spiritual/supernatural realm does exist, God exists in that realm. And He has a direct involvement and intervention in the natural world, therefore, it is not just our brain that changes us, but the work of God in our lives is evident accepted in that line of argument.

There are a lot of arguments to prove that God exists, if we establish that truth, therefore science is not all there is to explain things. Disciplines like philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, and theology is needed as well.

If God exists, then Christianity is true.
If Christianity is true, then it is not just our brain that changes us.
It is God who exists that also is at work upon and within us.

Thank you so much for reading!
I hope it is understandable and helpful.


thank you for this answer!


God can work supernaturally or naturally to bring about change in us. I think reading the Bible would be in the natural way of bringing about change. God has all means at His disposal and really does not need to get supernaturally involved in many things at all in order to govern the universe.


Romans 10:17
Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

The author of Romans is referring to the preaching the Gospel of Christ since a printed Bible did not exist then. Faith in Christ is the result of hearing the word or reading the Bible, the doctrine of God preached or written. If heard or read attentively, faith will be produced. Believing what was preached by the apostles or believing in the written word of God, the arm of our Lord Jesus Christ will be revealed in their salvation. Preaching of the word and reading the word are the means God make use of to convey faith into the hearts of his people. Preachers and the Bible are instruments God use to make people believe.

It is the will of God to send forth his apostles and ministers to preach the Gospel of Christ to the Gentiles, as well as to the Jews. If they by hearing or reading might believe, they will be saved by him.

Frank Morisson, Nabeel Qureshi and many others had the entire Bible to study and it changed their life. More amazing are the uncountable numbers of people (whose testimony we have never heard) belonging to other religions who came to believe because they read a single verse from a leaflet.

The history of the Church must include the mission of believers in countries were Christianity is banned and carrying a Bible means immediate death penalty without trial. To avoid being detected, pieces of paper with Bible verses are smuggled into those countries. The growth of the Christendom in several Communist or Islamic countries resulted from handwritten or printed Bible verses in very small pieces of paper.

Is it the human brain? Maybe partially because people must be literate to understand. Is it God? Absolutely because the Bible is God-breathed and written inspired writters who were carried along by the Holy Spirit.