Is it is important that you must need a Mentor?

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Hi, Often I heard that we must need a mentor to grow in Christ. What will we do if our Pastor is not able to understand or recognize our vision? What is in the case if God is guiding you in a different route and showing the way clearly and you know that you are being guided by God, but you don’t have anyone as an earthly Mentor.

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@surjith.neyan I am so glad you asked this question! So often in life I think we desire a strong mentor - like Elijah for Elisha. And I think it is encouraging that you are reaching out for godly guidance as you pursue your call to follow Jesus heart, mind, body and soul. Being proactive in finding a mentor is important, though I don’t think we always have that perfect mentor in each season of life. I can honestly tell you that while I am able to find many godly men from whom to receive council, finding the ideal mentor is not an easy task and often not possible. We sometimes need to seek council from whatever means available and allow the Lord to lead in that way.

I’d like to ask a few questions:

  • how do you know God is leading you in this particular direction? Are you basing that on a feeling or impression or have other godly Christians confirmed your calling?
  • what is it that you feel called to do? Why do you feel your Pastor does not understand your vision?

Generally, if we are walking in God’s will:

  • our gifting will be affirmed by the community of faith
  • the Lord will open doors at the right time
  • it will be in line with the Scriptures

Here is a thread on discerning God’s will for our lives:

The Lord Jesus bless you as you seek to serve Him :slight_smile:

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Hi, Surjith. This is a wonderful question, and I appreciate Sean’s wisdom. I’ve not had a lot of success with mentoring, but I know others really find it beneficial. There are a variety of resources, and I wanted to share a list of articles so you can find what best relates to your unique circumstances. While not deeply philosophical, I like the practical approach they bring to everyday Christian life.

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Hi @SeanO, We have very less connectivity here, so my reply got delayed.

Yes, we do have so many ministers and pastors counseling us than and there it is required. I was mentioning about one to one Mentoring.

5 years back while I was in prayer, I heard his voice to take my family and settle in one specific village. I had peace and by faith, I resign my Job and started to look for a house. TThe village where am now, they won’t give a house for Christian families. During my search, I found a Christian house, the owner was far from the place. When I contacted him, he started crying and said he was not able to give the house for rent for more than 6 months. 3 days back before we reached, his pastor prophesized to him, saying that "God is sending a family to your house"don’t give the house to anyone else.

This was my first confirmation about the voice I heard from him. Yes, there are so many others, Now he is talking to us specifically and to move forward.

Why I asked this question because there are several people told me this, You must have a Mentor. Everyone who approached us coming with an idea of doing something there own., But we as a family always wait for Lord and his words before we do anything.

That’s why I told, sometimes even Our Pastors not able to understand what’s happening?

We are working among one specific tribe and our work is only among them. God never allowed us to move the direction fo anyone else.

People never heard about Christ, Never went to Church, never seen the Bible before.

Now we have some faithful people, wanted to do the will of God. And we know that God is called us for a special purpose.

We have prayer and bible study every day and all will come together to worship him, but always this question was there in my mind


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Hi @Brittany_Bowman1, Thanks for sharing that inforrmation



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@surjith.neyan Praise the Lord for the work He is doing among you! That is so encouraging to hear that new believers are growing in their faith. May His Spirit lead and guide you and grant you the wisdom and strength that you need in order to build up the Church of the living God and nourish His Body!


At one point I sought out a mentor. Turns out I had to go it alone for a long time. My journey was the study of apologetics. I was inspired. However I could not find anyone willing to work with me. I set out on my own reading books, taking online class Like the RZIM Class.
I have now recently started a website and committed to written more often. I have found ways to get insight from other people but it is more of group than any one place or person. This forum I hope to be one of those sources.
Maybe your journey might be the same