Is it possible to live up to Christian standards, or the demands of Christ, being a civil servant in India?

Hi Sanj

I am also from India , I am interested in civil services who serves for the country.
Could you please give me advice in this regard.
As you are also from India , you know how the system works here, is it right to work as a part of government here being a Christian.
And is it possible to live upto the Christian standards, or the demands of Christ being a civil servant in India.
When I prayed for it I have seen some positive results regarding choosing civil services from God but I am not sure fully.
Please help me in this

Thanks & Regards
Kiran Kumar

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Hi Krin,

Thanks for your question.

It sounds like you might know the answer to your own question. I believe where ever God places you on a daily basis you will have influence. You can have an impact in civil service/ government as Christian. I strongly believe that your behavior as person, will mirror your identity. Thus, you have influence!

Here’s what Ravi wrote to me recently about influence:

Sanj, the word itself comes from medieval Latin- to flow in, a pouring in, a stream. It has the concept of helping shape that one with whom you have contact. That’s why it ought not to be seen as just a happening, rather an impact over time and contact. There’s a difference between influencing a decision and shaping a person. A lasting influence, flows into the character of a person to create a mindset from which decisions are made. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, says Paul. What the brain is to the body, the mind is to the soul. A true influence helps shape the soul.”

Here’s a great quote from Tim Keller’s book on Christians in the marketplace: “faithful work indeed means some kind of public identification with Jesus in such a way that a coworker might want to know more about Him.” Tim Keller , Every Good Endeavor

I believe the Christian shines through adversity.

Saved by Grace,