Is it right for Christians to birth children into such a corrupt world where they might go astray?

God bless you …I am basically a Christian I don’t have any doubt about my faith in Jesus I received him as personal saviour .

My question which has been on my mind since so many years is regarding marriege …Bible says marriege is Great act and Holy…truly all the problems are coming to an individual because of birth …example …a person say any christian gave birth to suppose 5 children it is not sure that all would be saved some may be astray. In this point as a good father I don’t want such thing to be happened to my child in the future but I can’t control it not be happen…so much un belief and sufferings some are even not genuine only for living , so many distracting things from faith are there in this world…so in this context . Is it correct to give birth to children in this corrupted world for a Christian?..I hope you understand my mind. Thank you for answering . God bless you people and guide you


Hi @Time_To_Wake_Up:

Thanks for the question. I can see that your question stems from a deep and abiding concern for innocent young ones who might face serious dangers or challenges in this age. But

I think the answer to your question is “yes.” The world has been corrupt since Adam and Eve’s fall, so today’s corruption is not actually new in that sense. True, it may be worse than before, but the fact is the world was once so corrupt that God sent the flood! He also judged His own people numerous times for their corruption. And yet, time and again, the Bible describes the bestowing of children as a blessing. So I would say that despite the ugliness of this world, bringing children into it is always a blessing. Yes, it can be very, very challenging and even scary. But what our world needs now is more Christ-centered families, not fewer.

Of course, it is not necessary for a fully-devoted Christian to have children to be completely fulfilled in his or her faith. From all indications, Paul was childless and Jesus never had children. I would never say that they were unfulfilled! I think this is a personal choice. But children are a blessing and once we are bestowed with the blessing of having conceived a child, that child is made in God’s image and must be protected, nurtured, and prepared to impact the corrupt world for the sake of Christ!

May God richly bless you!