Is it true that Christianity brings division to society?

Hello! Stuart, it’s good to asked our burden, we are very much blessed reading your biography facing persecution and imprisonment for the gospel… Since from the time of Jesus born there is a great trouble on the other side which means when Christ born it bring murder of child by Herod… And when He start ministry there is again division among Jews of His teaching… Some against him some fallow him… And in during the History of Church through religion it brings a massive lost of life like Crusade war… So my question is how can we respond in this issue, Does it Christian bring Division, marginalising the society?


Hello there.

Thanks for your question. The question found in each of the 4 gospels has to do with the identity of Jesus. Who is this man? As the story unfolds, and the people experience His teaching, as they see miracles, as they hear of the Kingdom of God, they are stirred. Jesus evokes hostility from the religious authorities and from those who have power but do not serve justice. As the story unfolds, and Jesus is executed and then rises from the dead, they now see that He was indeed, and is, the son of God. God in the flesh. this, if true, has massive consequences.

Jesus was, and is, a threat to all who live in sin and on their own terms, as He calls us to repent and follow Him. In a well known passage in John’s gospel Chapter 15 verse 18-25 (you should read this text), Jesus instructs His disciples, His followers, that the world (which is the system of man opposed to God) will “hate” them as it first hated Him!

The issue that is raised in the gospel narratives is 1. what kind of a world do we live in? 2. if Christ is both the Creator and the Savior, then He has both the right to call us to Himself and He offers a way and a means by which we can be forgiven, healed and restored. If this message is TRUE, if this is reality, then those who live on their own terms, who choose to define reality as it pleases them or best suits them, will automatically be opposed to Jesus, His teachings and His way.

When John the baptist came announcing the actions of God he was calling people to repent (change their mind) and to look to Jesus (see Mark1:1-11). If Jesus is Who the gospels say He is, if the world we live in is a creation of the Living God, if the Lord of life has come amongst us and invites us to follow Him, then those who want their own way will see this as a threat and will be in opposition. Those who do come, who do put faith in Christ, experience healing, forgiveness and are then called to love and serve. They do not seek to divide, to hurt or too marginalize, but they cannot control how others respond to them.

We are called by this King “to love our neighbors as ourselves”, and so we trust that faithful Christians will be agents of peace and love wherever they are found. We cannot control how others see us, react to us, or how they view us, but we can determine to follow Christ and ask for grace to be like Him in all we do. the response, as with Jesus, so with us, will be mixed.

I hope this makes sense.

Regards, Stuart.