Is it true that there was an authoritative edition of the Qu'ran assembled after which all other copies were destroyed?

Good day Abdu, I have heard that there once was a Muslin king who recalled all copies of the Quran within the land. After which he compiled one copy then destroyed all the ones which had been returned, and reissued ‘his’ correct copy.

If this is true, is the Quran not as redacted as Moslem’s say the Bible is?
Thank you


Hi Bill,

Thanks for the question. As I’ve said in other responses, the integrity of the Quran through the centuries is of utmost importance as many Muslims hinge their faith on the claim that the Quran has never been redacted, edited, or otherwise changed. Modern scholarship shows this not to be the case and Muslim apologists are starting to withdraw from the position that it’s been completely preserved. And yes, Uthman, one of the early Caliphs, commissioned a man named Zayd ibn Thabit to go throughout the expanding Islamic empire and seize all the variant versions of the Quran and have them compared to Uthman’s favored version. All copies that Zayd could find were then compared to Uthman’s and, if they didn’t conform to his, they were burned. Still, some different copies survived and we have evidence of them today.

In fact, I would commend to you a debate between Jay Smith and Shabir Ally on this issue. You can find it here:

You’ll notice that Shabir doesn’t refute the manuscript and historical evidence that Jay Smith presents on the textual history of the Quran. Instead, Shabir relies on a novel (and I believe flawed and possibly heretical) argument that numerology validates the Quran. I’ve responded to that argument as have others.

I hope this video will help.