Is Mormonism the same as Christianity?

In today’s video, we have the question: “Is Mormonism the same as Christianity?”

Notes from the video:

  1. A cult is usually defined as that which claims to be rooted in historical Christianity but has deviated or abandoned the finished work of Christ or compromised on his person.

  2. For Mormons Christ was not sufficient.

  3. Jesus said we are complete in him. And when you add or detract you can give yourself whatever name you want, but you are impugning the completed work of Christ on the Cross.

  4. This is where Mormonism, historically, has deviated from Christianity.

  5. When you are choosing between leaders you have to go for a person that will help a nation provide the best moral soil on which the freedom to believe or disbelieve can actually function.

  6. The Christian voice ought to have a say in every area of culture.

  7. The term cult is more appropriate in the classroom in theological conversations, not to be used in general discussion.


  1. Can we vote for a person who is of another faith?

  2. Is it fruitful to use the term cult when speaking of other faiths?

  3. How can we best minister to our friends who are Mormon?


I was encouraged by this video of a Mormon missionary coming to Christ; and my wife and I have been trying to share with Mormon missionaries over the last couple of years.

I also enjoyed Ravi preaching at the Mormon tabernacle, and found his approach was to build bridges and find agreement but leave them with the question ‘Have you got the Son?’ (sorry for the spoiler):

The more you look into their doctrine the more you realize just how much Joseph Smith added to the Bible. In their ‘quad’ (King James Version, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrines and the Covenants) They read the KJV so our approach has been to simply ask ‘what do they do with contradictions between the KJV and the Book of Mormon’ in 3 key areas

  • Who is God
  • Who is Jesus
  • What is the Gospel
    (these are from Jeff Durbin videos)

Some important areas where their doctrine has departed from orthodoxy is:

  • God is an elevated man; having achieved ‘exaltation’; and thus introducing logical problems in the ‘Origins’ category, as well as the Moral Law Giver argument.
    Mormon tract - question of origin of the universe and origin of the moral code.pdf (350.7 KB)
  • Jesus is the spiritual brother of Satan;
  • The atonement of Christ was for universal resurrection. Works based salvation is ‘exaltation’ to godhood; trying to reach 3 different levels of Heaven.
    You can discuss topics such as justice; we used the example of Hitler as the epitome of evil; and asked if universal resurrection is the case; How does God carry out justice. ‘Is Christ now still interceding for Hitler?’.

I’ve had a good response showing this diagram and asking what they think of it. At least two said, yeah, that’s really cool and started think through it.
Biblical Gift of Eternal Life-1.pdf (1.7 MB)

At our last conversation, we discussed the ‘seer stone’ used in translation of the Book of Mormon;
seer stones method of translation (from LDS site with screen captures).pdf (254.6 KB)

One of the most important things I’ve learnt is the young missionaries are only 19-22 year olds; and so it’s really important to show Christ’s love as the highest priority and I personally find it hard to know what not to say; as most of the time I have to hold back from just throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at them. Some of these doctrines they’ve not heard of themselves, so I ask ‘here is what your doctrine teaches, what do you personally believe?’. This helps to reach individuals for Christ, and avoids just assuming they all believe the same thing.

The thing we think about is to just rest in the fact that you are sowing seeds, and you personally won’t see the results of it. It might be that these thoughtful conversations are the start of them searching for themselves exactly Who Jesus is.

Just some thoughts… Prayer is the most important thing while sharing; only the Holy Spirit can open their eyes.