Is my love a compulsion?

We humans were given a free will either to be with God or not to be, and said that God will honor our choice. But if we leave him then there’s only hell, no other option left. That to me is not honoring someone’s choice. To tests someone’s love for you, they must have good things even if they leave you. If they don’t leave you even after that then they truly loves you. Other wise, In short our love would be a compulsion.

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Hello @Tsapise

This is a very great question :smiley:

I want to share 2-3 line of response.

1.) There are four possible worlds God could create; first world, where there is nothing at all. Second world, where we are created like robots, no free will. Third world, where we only choose good, which makes amoral one. Last world, where there is good and evil.

2.) God chose to create the fourth world, a world where there is a possibility of good and evil. What does imply? In a world where there is good and evil - LOVE is possible. And in love – freedom of the will is indespensible. We cannot love, if we don’t intrinsically weave our freedom of the will.

For example, you are asking this question because you are free to ask it, and you are free to ask it because you are free to love.

Love is not compulsion.
It is weaved through the practice of our free will.

3.) If love is weaved through our choice, there is a possibility where we love God or not. However, no matter how we are free to love because of our free will, God does not give us the capability to choose the consequences of our choice.

God honors our free will because it is one of the greatest gifts He has given to us. Yet, to honor that choice we have chosen, there must be a corresponding destination to it.

If I say I love you and you reject me, I hurt because I lose something.
If God says He loves you and you reject Him, He hurts not because He lost something, but because you have lost something.

C.S. Lewis penned it this way, “In the end, there are two kinds of man. One who says to God, Lord let your will be done. And the other whom to God says, let your will be done.”

Let us not violate and take advantage the free will God had given to us.
God is not forcing us to love Him, He is INVITING us to love Him.
And like any other invitation, response is needed.
And whatever our respond, it will take us to our destination.

Thank you for reading this.
I hope this helps.

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Ok suppose you love a girl but that girl doesn’t love you. The girl has only two choice whether to choose you or to die a painful death. Obviously the girl will choose you even if she doesn’t love you (it is a compulsion, right?). If that girl was given a third option, say a good and well mannered boy she will definetly leave you. I hope i made it clear.

Hello @Tsapise

I’m getting your point now.

Your question lies behind a very personal area of romantic love.

Before I ask this question, can I ask, why the girl has an option of dying a painful death?

Thank you so much.

freewill either to choose hell or him. definetly one would choose him even if he doesn’t love him. who would want to be in hell.

Hello @Tsapise

No, I’m not assuming you as gay.

Even though you use an illustration, I ask you that question to somehow connect it to reality. So, I can offer a realistic approach, response, and application.

I’m so sorry if I did not get where your going at. But, I still highly respect you despite of the humor.

Thank you so much. :heart::smiley:

Hello @Tsapise

I’ve already offer my response to this in my first reply. :smiley:

To fully see the big picture, try to set aside the illustration you have said, and give a thought to my answer corresponding to your question.

Thank you so much. :smiley:

@Tsapise One thing I think would help is to understand the nature of God. God is love, joy, peace, etc. To be separated from him completely is to not have those things because you are not with him anymore. On this side of life you still have the privilege of enjoying the things he created out of his goodness.

But when you enter into total separation from him after death you don’t have the privilege anymore since it’s complete isolation from him. I say that’s true love because he loves you too much to force you to be around him. What you’re asking is for God to give the benefits of his nature while still allowing the individual to take it for granted.

An example of this is a woman wanting to love another man other than her husband while still living in the home. She wants the benefit of the marriage but while still giving her love to someone else. That’s not love it’s abuse and while God is long-suffering for sure there is an ending point.

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