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Is proof of spiritual evil a positive thing for the existence of God?

Here’s one thing I’d like to get some other Christians opinions on. I had this epiphany years ago after a watching a horror movie (I didnt know what conjuring meant LOL). With all the documented spiritual evil throughout history, is not the evidence of evil beyond the physical, in fact, evidence for the spiritual? How much easier is it to believe in a life giving and hope giving God when we have no choice but to believe there is spiritual evil.

Question: is this a legitimate argument? Are demonic posessions and those sorts of things actually evidence in our favor?

Hi @DustinR
Good question. Because of sin entering the world, whenever there is a good thing that happens or exists, there is a counter party that is in opposition to whatever it is. If there was no Righteous, Spiritual Deity, there would not be a need for the Enemy to put up his major opposition to the Spiritual deity. If there were no Spiritual positive realm that effects the physical, there would not be a reason nor place for the Spiritual realm of Satan’s opposition; for there would be no opposition to have. One thought that has occurred to me is that if God was not doing great and powerful things, Satan would not be putting up such a big fight. For the more God works in the lives of mankind (which includes their spiritual souls), the more Satan fights. I see this with some of the most influential aspects of life—the families and the churches. And many of sin’s darts are in the form of thoughts, emaginations, and things that put those imaginations and thought traps into the mind—such as certain entertainment industries.

Hope this helps!


Other great thinkers have said the exact same kind of thing…

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Hi, @DustinR!

I think the following verse do not agree with the proposition of receiving any testimony from the Enemy:

Mark 1:34
And he healed many that were sick of divers diseases, and cast out many devils; and suffered not the devils to speak, because they knew him.

You might think that a demon’s testimony is an affirmation of God’s existence, but since it is a devil, it may not be the best source or witness to have in this case.

So I want to be specific. When I say spiritual evil I mean demonic activity. Is that generally considered well documented, and if it is, can we use that in our favor?

Hi Dustin,

Your point seems to have practical utility in the conversation about “spiritual-evil” lending a kind of proof to show evidence of absolute moral/ spiritual truth.

Even if you cut out any evidence of demonic manifestations or super-natural-evil activity, the kinds of actual, sinful horror (not just at the movies) and atrocities we’ve seen in the world make the denial of evil impossible.

In the conversation of good and evil it is much more difficult to get everyone sitting at the table to admit what constitutes something which is good: Ethic debates have a lot of leeway to discuss the context of what makes “good” good, and whether “good” exists in an absolute sense (versus a relativistic sense). But when it comes to the topic of evil the leeway-dynamic completely changes. There becomes almost zero wiggle room to deny the existence of evil. To demonstrate this, all you have to do is address things like rape and horrific abuse of children, holocaust treatment and other unspeakables, and only a fool will dare to object to the fact that there are definite absolutes that ACTUALLY DO exist when it comes to evil.
This can give the Christian a favorable entry point to throw a wrench into the spokes of moral relativism and to take steps to reasonably proceed to explain the basis for these things.