Is Roman Catholicism a Cult?

Today’s question is “Is Roman Catholicism a Cult?”

Notes from the video:

  1. It doesn’t matter what label is placed on an empty bottle. If the bottle is mislabeled it can be very dangerous.

  2. A Christian is someone who confesses with their mouth and believes in their heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and has been raised from the dead.

  3. In the theological realm there are more aspects which come in. To ask what it takes to be saved may require a short answer. To ask what it means to belong to a particular denomination is a much longer answer. To ask what it takes to teach at a theological institution is a longer answer still.

  4. A cult is anything which deviates from the historic person and work of Jesus Christ or adds to his teaching. This is generally at the behest of a single individual who decitates that belief.

  5. Protestant denominations are at risk of doing this as well.

  6. We should follow Christ as best we can as revealed in the Word of God. Serve him, love him, and honor him with our life, heart, and walk. This should inform what we preach to others.

  7. It is wise to be careful not tar everyone with the same brush.

  8. Our faith in Christ is a personal one.

  9. Occasionally, it might be necessary to remain part of a group which we might not agree with doctrinally in an effort to bring changes within that group.

  10. It is possible for a person to be a good Christian and a bad Roman Catholic.


  1. Does the term “cult” necessarily apply to those whose beliefs differ from ours?

  2. If a denomination has Christ as its center, how important are other doctrinal stances?