Is RZIM open to History majors working in the organization?

Hello everyone! I am an active member of RZIM Connect. I am still new here in this website but I have known RZIM for a long time now haha. I messaged here already. I just want to ask a question haha.

It had been one of my passions to serve Jesus with all my heart, mind, body, and soul in Evangelism undergirded with Apologetics. I am currently a second year history student at our university (Polytechnic University of the Philippines). And I am planning to serve God through history (ancient or modern), philosophy, and religion, either in my country Philippines or wherever God calls me.

May I just ask if RZIM is open to History majors in working in the organization? What contribution can he/she give to serve God through this organization? What job can they have in the field of history (shared with Philosophy and Religion) What could be the compensation as well if I may ask sensitively (not to be more curious). I just think RZIM is truly a blessed and suitable organization for the fostering of this field.

I know it is still too early haha. Just some inquiries would help. Thank you very much and hoping for a favourable response. :slight_smile:

Karl Abad
BA History


Hello Karl. It’s great that you want to serve God with your gifts. Thank you very much for your question. I can’t answer it in detail, but there is an extra category for it: Employment Opportunities Here you can find contact details and more information. Good luck in your studies :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @Karl1. It’s good to have U connecting with us. I hope your studies continue to be productive and a blessing to you. Thank you for coming alongside us and helping with your talents. God-bless you and your journey/studies.


Hello, Karl! It’s so good to have you joining us on Connect. :smile: I love that you are a history major! That was what I studied at university, and I loved it. I have also found it to be a very valuable discipline to have been trained in, as a number of apologetic questions dip into how one understands the historical narrative.

I can’t answer the question of if there are positions open right now for someone with your training, but I’ve moved your question to the ‘Customer Support’ category, which is checked by some of the staff team at the HQ in Atlanta. Similarly, I’d subscribe to the Employment Opportunities category that Daniel pointed out so that you can know of positions available when they’re announced.

Until then, do please weigh in on this forum on questions that would deal with the fields you mentioned: history, philosophy, and religion. Your contribution would be most valuable!

Best to you!


Hi @Karl1,

Thank you for your great question. One other resource that could potentially be helpful to you is this post:


THANKS A LOT BROTHER hahahaha praise God for you guys haha. I really love to have this for the glory of God and salvation of souls andbalso feo my family helps.