Is Technology Bringing Us Closer Together, or Tearing Us Apart?

Christians often talk about human salvation not as God’s “plan B” but as a rescue operation that God initiated even before the foundation of the world. But if that is the case, then how can we trust that God’s motives were good? Did He deliberately create a situation in which we would need saving just so He could get to swoop in to the rescue and take the credit for it? Even if He saved us from a fall, is He responsible for leaving us so close to a cliff? This week on the Ask Away podcast, join Drs. Vince and Jo Vitale as they dig into whether God truly is the hero of the story.


This podcast discussion between Jo and Vince Vitale (in Robert’s post above) is very timely!
They ask:

From the invention of the printing press to virtual church, was this really what Jesus had in mind when he commanded his followers to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations? Is technology truly bringing us closer together, or is it tearing us apart?

In my mind the answer is yes. Just as Vince reminds us it’s used for both good and bad. It was a new thought to me that technology has been involved in human history in ancient Bible times, and God bestowed gifts through technology to further His kingdom.

Jo gives us a great reminder to evaluate our motives in our social media posts. Who are you wanting to glorify? Ouch!

What has been your experience with the recent spike in use of technology to bring people together?