Is the Account of Human Evolution Accurate?

Thank you for this opportunity to ask you questions. I listen to the RTB podcast each week and follow the work of @Fazale_Rana and @Hugh_Ross through Twitter and your website.
I am still trying to understand human evolution. Would you please share your opinion with me? How much of the work of Charles Darwin do you consider accurate?
I read Harari’s book, Sapiens recently? Have you read it? Is this account of human evolution accurate?
I greatly appreciate your time in answering my question.


Hi, Brian.

Wow, big topic. I am in the process of finishing a book with Fuz, Sue_Dykes, and Mark Perez called “Thinking About Evolution: 25 Questions Christians Want Answered”. Unfortunately it’s not coming out until October and it’s going to be pretty big (over 80,000 words I think!)

We cover a lot of the variations of evolution getting away from simply Darwinian and neo-Darwinian models and look at the extended evolutionary synthesis and a little at constructive natural engineering and neutral theory, and it has 4 chapters I think that touch on human, chimp, neanderthal topics.

We look at the role of worldviews and metaphysical positions in interpreting the data too. This is important to consider in trying to understand why some people remain committed to naturalistic explanations that rule out the possibility of God in creation.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection acting on variation accounts for some observations in evolution, but mostly at adaptive levels and microbial evolution. It’s really inadequate for accounting for other major changes such as major discontinuous “transitions” and generating true novelty.

I don’t think the evidence is compelling for human evolution or for evolution of the major phyla. Fuz and Hugh have written a very thorough book on the topic of human origins: Who Was Adam? And recently Fuz gave a very good presentation on RTB’s progressive creationist (scientific and biblical) model of human origins. You can watch that here if you like:

Hope this helps a bit.