Is the Bible good? Is God faithful?

In the Cover to Cover episode Jesus Among Secular Gods: Chapter 1, Part 2, Ivy Tyson said young people today don’t care whether the Bible is true unless we can also show them it is good. Cameron McAllister made a similar point in the Thinking Out Loud episode Are Millennials Really “The Burnout Generation”?. He described a shift in the questions received at Q&A sessions on university campuses.

And they’re not so much the, “Is Christianity true?” But they are more in the, “Is Christianity good? Does it lead to a good life? Does it make us good human beings?”

I forget this too often when doing apologetics. I focus on the evidence, missing the fact that my audience doesn’t care unless they know God is good.

  • How can we do a better job of demonstrating the goodness of God?
  • What do we mean when we say God is good?
  • When I share examples of God’s faithfulness in my life as Shawn Hart recommended, do I only talk about times when good things happened? What about the bad times and times when I couldn’t even feel God’s presence? What does God’s goodness mean at those times?

Hi Jennifer

These are really good questions. I hope others will be able to share their wisdom as well in thinking through them. I don’t have a lot of interaction with Millennial’s and so my experiences regarding the foundational goal in which their questions are raised is limited. But my first thought is that seeking the good, along with the truth, is a very good question. I remember thinking about apologetic arguments for God one day, and then had the Holy Spirit speak to me and remind me not to forget about ‘Who’ it is all about. If we give truth without the ultimate desire of wanting to introduce people to the love of Jesus and the free gift of His grace, then we may still leave people thinking “so what, how does that actually change anything about my life.” So I think the best way to demonstrate the goodness of God is by loving others as Christ loves us. Jesus said in Matthew 5: 16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Jesus tells us that by our good deeds/actions, that others will see the work of God in us which will lead to the natural byproduct of acknowledging the goodness of God. This to me means that we need to have intimate relationship with the Father ourselves so that we carry His nature and life in all that we do.

This is something that has always stood out to me about the ministry team for RZIM. I can remember when I first heard Ravi Zacharias speak; my first thought wasn’t about his great speaking ability and incredibly intelligent answers, but that he was a man with a humble heart who knew and loved God. He made me want to know God more because he carried the fragrance of Christ upon his life, as does the team working for RZIM. I think we need to know the person of Christ more through unity with His Spirit, so that His goodness is always on display in those who love Him.

I know that is in answer to one of your questions Jennifer, but hopefully others will be able to also contribute to the others. I appreciate you taking the time to set these up for us who are following along with the Cover to Cover Podcasts :slightly_smiling_face:.

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