Is the Bible Sexist?


(Rachel Shields) #1

Hi Amy,
I’m sure you get asked this question a lot, but was it hard for you to reconcile having teaching and leadership positions in the church with 1Tim 2: 11-15? The bit that I remain unsure of is why Paul roots his prohibition in the Genesis account? If it wasn’t for that, there would be no further question in my mind!
Thanks Amy!

Ask Amy Orr-Ewing (December 11-15, 2017)
(Amy Orr-Ewing) #2

Hi Rachel
Thanks for this question can I recommend you look at my book Why Trust the Bible? I have a chapter called Is the Bible Sexist? I address that question there alternatively there are quite a few versions of my talk is the Bible Sexist/bad news for women available on YouTube. Hope that helps!

(Kay Kalra) #3