Is the idea of luck compatible with Christianity?

Another quick question Max: The Bible speaks of God’s providence, with God controlling all things and providing for his people. With that in mind, does ‘Lady Luck’ exist? Or is God micro-managing every aspect of our lives like a divine puppeteer?

Good question James.

There are obviously several definitions of what ‘providence’ means. While biblical providence is multidimensional, included in its meaning is the idea of God’s foreseeing care and guidance. In my view, these are the most helpful ways to understand the term. Providence is not simply God giving us everything that we want when we want it. Rather, it is the assurance that God knows what we’re going through, understands what we need and walks with us through the joys and the valleys of life. Our decisions still matter, our choices still have consequences and our moral and practical agency is real. However, if we draw close to Him then He draws close to us (James 4:8) and we are assured of the ‘Daily Bread’ of his presence and intimacy we so desperately need (Matthew 6:11). As followers of Jesus, the outworking of God’s providence manifests in us knowing that whatever He leads us into, when we walk with Him we are assured of His grace and provision to get through it. As was famously said, God’s will never takes us to places to which His grace doesn’t accompany us.

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