Is there a link between our DNA and God's DNA?

Hello, and thank you in advance for responding to my question. I had heard or read some where about a pattern or sign in our DNA code that showed a correlation between man and God our creator. This may be vague but it is all I can recall with any degree of certainty? Maybe I am not remembering right?
Can I be directed to a possible answer to this?
Please be safe out there and thanks again


Hi, Mike.

I’m intrigued by your question, but I’m at a loss how to reply. I am not aware of anything that fits your description. DNA in and of itself is a very complex, information rich molecule. One of Fuz’s blogs does a thorough job of looking at how the information in DNA points to a mind, the Mind of a Creator. Maybe you are thinking along these lines? If not, maybe Fuz’s article will open up other items of interest for you. Does Information Come from a Mind?


Hello I found the answer memory was wrong it was a video I saw a long time ago. Here is the link.
Thank you for responding to my question.



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Thanks for following up, Mike.

Yeah, laminin. Well, maybe not as good a thing to point to as this pastor seems to think. Although, I’m happy he found it encouraging. When I see and hear sermons and talks like this I am reminded that we need to have captivating stories. And the thick gospel of Jesus is the most captivating story. God has been pursuing us in love from the very beginning, and everywhere we look in creation we see God’s goodness and heart for us. The Creator who made everything and formed me in my mother’s womb is the Lord of all creation and the Savior of the world. Who we are in him gives our lives meaning and purpose and great worth!

Where else can one find new life, hope, a clean start, fellowship, and an intimate companion for all of life’s challenges!?

As to laminin, I’m going to point you to a blog by Fuz Rana, with this quote pulled from that article: “The cross shape of laminin is an idealized illustration of the molecule. Portraying complex biomolecules in simplified ways is a common practice among biochemists. Depicting laminin in this extended form helps scientists visualize and catalog the binding sites along its four arms. This configuration should not be interpreted to represent its actual shape in biological systems.” In fact it probably more often looks like a swastika and not a cross in it’s biological setting. (yikes!)


God bless you for this great answer to my question. The likelyhood of ever seeing Laminin in real time for most it does make a powerful point for many. Please no offence meant, but understanding all the scientific explanation is beyond me though it intrigues me.
However to me seeing the complexity of who we are and how we function, is all I need which brings me to another point.

This is a truth for many who see what they see because of what they believe is truth.

Example; God made man in His image.
Man makes things in his image so we see houses that look like faces. Cars smiling at us and the like which is trying to make sense out of things.

Thank you for clarification, it truly helped me greatly. while seeing is believing is the way of the world, the Word taught us believing is seeing.more clearly.

God bless you for your work.