Is there a proper way to pray? If so, what is it?

Hi Craig, I’m just curious about what you would advise to someone who wants to know how to pray properly? How must it be done, and what mindset should they have while praying?

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My main advice is just do it. In terms of poetry, persuasion, and profundity, my prayers are severely lacking. But I do sit down and just start talking or groaning to God. If I get stuck or need a jumpstart, I recite the Lord’s prayer and meditate on those words. And don’t forget, it is totally legit to pray to God to guide your prayers. It seems to me that is one of those fruit-bearing prayers that he loves to answer and answer quickly. As far as a mindset to have while praying, I can recommend the one I normally have, and it is this: I am having a personal conversation with an extremely loving, wildly powerful, dad who has my best interests in view every moment—and he loves to hear what you need and to give you what will help you and your ministry flourish.