Is there a ReFresh type event in the UK

Hi I have a son who is starting University in the UK this autumn, I’ve noticed the event ReFresh 2020 in Georgia, does anyone know if there is something similar in the UK. He’s a Christian and was heading up his Christian Union in 6th Form college. Any suggestions very gratefully received. Thank you - blessings, Fiona

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Hello @fionaharvey and thank you for your inquiry. As you have mentioned in your post, the ReFresh event in Georgia this summer is the only one I see on the schedule. The following is a link to contact RZIM directly with your question. I hope this helps.

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Hi @fionaharvey,

The ReBoot conference is for ages 12-18 and takes place in cities all over the world, including cities in the UK each year. The event provides a place for young people, with or without any faith or church background, to raise their objections and investigate different perspectives on life. If someone just outside that age range was interested in the conference and felt they would benefit, it would probably be fine for them to attend. You can learn more about ReBoot here. These events have been put on hold for the time being due to the worldwide pandemic, but eventually we should be able to resume hosting them. Keep an eye on the ReBoot website for more details in the future.

This is the conference that comes to mind that is most similar to ReFresh, but there may be other youth events in the UK that RZIM is invited to participate in that could be beneficial for your son. To inquire about more events, I would recommend contacting our UK Office by emailing, and they might be able to help further.

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Hi Brandon thank you that’s really helpful. I think I’ve heard of Re Boot so will also that and email the RZIM UK office to see if they have further recommendations.