Is there a trinitarian component to human nature?

(Nick Simons ) #1

Here is something related that I have been chewing on for some time. We have a hard time conceptualizing the Trinity in terms of 3 in 1. If we are made in Gods image could there also be a trinitarian component to our existence. The Bible makes reference to the spirit and the flesh. After the fall we are considered spiritually dead couple this with the eternal existence of the human soul and you have three components within one entity. Take it a step further and think about what Paul says about the power of the flesh. It almost has a nature (“personality”) of its own. Could it be that we are meant to exist in a perfect trinity of soul (the self that makes a choice, the body(the physical manifestation of the soul), and the spirit (the spirit of life- the Holy Spirit). I think we were meant to be united with God through the Holy Spirit but we essentially evicted Him during the fall. In essence we may not be part of God, but He was always intended to be part of us. Three wills in perfect relationship connected by to the father by the Spirit and through the Son.

In heaven, will the church become a part of God?
(Aracelis Diaz) #2

Wow, that’s definitely something i will be thinking about too, pretty good points you bring up. It makes sense though, since we are made in His image, we would also reflect Him that way as well.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Nicksimons, @adiaz,

Another great question!

I think @omnarchy has given a nice overview of the two primary views (dichotomous or trichotomous) here: What is a soul?