Is there any Biblical indication that man procreated with beast?

Does the Bible give any indication that at any point man procreated with beast?

No - every creature brings forth after it’s own kind. Creatures that are not of the same kind cannot bring forth a new lineage at all.

Creatures of a sufficiently similar kind can bring forth sterile offspring, but there is no new lineage in that. Humans cannot even do that - the only creatures similar enough to mate with humans at all are other humans.

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Yes, it does. Have you ever heard speculation of Cain taking a gorilla for a wife?! Sounds outlandish, but I’m told some theologians purport this. If it’s scientifically impossible for humans to mate with beasts and produce offspring, where would they get such an idea?

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Marvel comics!

Or the KKK!

Are you serious on the KKK? That’s disturbing.

Absolutely - Darwin taught in his book The Descent of Man that some people are more evolved than “lower organisms” such as pygmies.

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