Is there anyone to answer any real question about reality

So far I do not seem to find anyone interest in asking or answering questions about reality today.

At RZIM I believed before, that there were some people trained to answer tough questions.

Are anyone there willing to talk to me?


Mr. Genarito,

I hear your frustration.

You are welcome to talk and engage . We have met. What will you like to talk about? A wave or a particle? All is our Lords hand.


Hey @Genarito1
Great to see your interest and desire to engage the tough questions about reality. This is exactly one of the reason why Connect exists, and has it been helpful.
You can take the initiative and put your question and I’m sure everyone present here would be much glad and interested to respond to the best of their knowledge.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Hello Theja. Thank you very much, for allowing me to post, one that could be one of some tough questions, I have received, while doing Outreach in The streets of Sidney.

One the truths we accept as reality is, that we follow a Jesus Christ, who is waiting for us, after we depart from this world.

My question is. “What prof of reality, you could provide to people that denies that he ever existed”

Even Apostle Paul asked in 1 Corinthians 15:19.

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Hello Sanh, You seem to be one I can share my frustration, when I am learning to support my certainty and Conviction, my objective faith that today is no blind anymore.

I, like yourself, can see the Glory of our Creator, by the help developed by the rationality given to us human beings.

I have no doubt that Our God started creation, by building the subatomic energies, before he formed today’s particles. The formation of the four fundamental forces confirms it.

I am glad you understand this more. and I am joyful to have found you here. I have posted my first question, perhaps you may be able to help more with the answers.


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Dear Hermano,

… God smiled, and His laughter thrilled though space and His Word called forth into light the new dawn from out of primeval darkness in the new world space… HT

The four being: Gravity… Electromagnatism… Strong interaction… Weak force…

We can begin here…


Hello again Genaro, interesting discussion about reality in relation to creation. Reality for people today is mostly subjective, while true reality is actually objective.
Our subjective opinion has no bearing on what reality truly is. Whether we believe it or not reality has an absolute foundation. Gods truth is Gods truth and at one point I did not believe it but existed anyway.
I will also say hello Sanah I pray you are doing well.
Blessings and peace to all

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@Genarito1, Welcome and glad you asked the question! RZIM Connect is a unique community with the opportunity to ask questions to RZIM speakers and ministry friends through the Ask RZIM category OR continue to have follow up discussions on the question in the various categories such as Daily Evangelism, Christian Growth, Bible questions etc. with other christian brother and sisters around the world, some of whom may have special training/ministries. What I have found is that participating in the discussions sharpens our understanding over time and exposes us to new areas of learning.

Here’s one thread in the Ask RZIM category that may be helpful to you and deals with a question on reality.

On historical evidence for Jesus, here’s another thread that may interest you.

God bless!


Yes Mike, until this later days, Christianity was only be able to suggest, the option of a blind faith.

Atheism demands a substantial evidence of our God’s reality. and we can now provide it.

We should now demand of them the burden of proof. to provide us with a proof any alternative source of the existence other their god NOTHING.

Hello Lakshmismehta

I can send so many, of biblical and natural apologetic questions, to be answered bay any of you there.

Just let me continue looking for your questions too.

Kind Regards

Genaro Regalado

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What is gravity?

Hello Snah, you seem to have wright, with your answers about answers of two fundamental forces; Gravity and Electromagnetism, but the other two are atomic nuclear forces, this has to do with the attraction forces of protons in the nucleus of each atom.

The understanding of this issue, give us the, the conviction that only a God like ours could do it.

We are now more able to provide substantial evidences i our forensic pursue of proving our God is Real.

Alternatively the Atheous, can not even explain or provide an explanation of an alternative source in Creation.

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Hello Trusel, I have ask the same question to many scientists, I believe the answer will be like attempting to describe what is love. Empirically that is.

I asked an astrophysicist about two months ago. No good answers . I’m so intrigued by gravity. Even the deformation of space time makes no sense. Why does it deform. It’s just another description, not an answer. And I suppose if I do get an answer I doubt I would understand it. Really it’s like asking why anything exists. Even the infinite regression of the existence of God. At some point you seem to have to have a starting point. I’ve tried to contemplate nothing and it in my mind seems impossible to have nothing. As soon as you label it, it becomes something.

I read a book by Mortimer Adler on the proof of God via philosophic logic. It did prove a God but it was a cold god. I recommend it.

Here is a little post I placed on Facebook recently on the idea of nothing.

As opposed to the joy I posted before this post, the joy of knowing the Lord, let’s imagine a world suggested by existentialist Sean-Paul Sartre.

“I don’t even bother looking for words. It flows in me, more or less quickly. I fix nothing, I let it go. Through the lack of attaching myself to words, my thoughts remain nebulous most of the time. They sketch vague, pleasant shapes and then are swallowed up: I forget them almost immediately.”
Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea

He also said people come in and out, appear and disappear. People are Hell. He strives to be on the other side of despair ironically going through despair and angst to achieve meaning even though there is no meaning. This is the stuff of modern anti philosophy, the brave world of post modernism. Imagine the impossibility of achieving meaning even though you believe there is no meaning. This is the phantom world of no foundational objective truth. It is despair impossible to escape and one in which the mere striving for angst is the only bar achievable.

I Imagine it, and invite you too for a moment, to imagine you are a nematode that never sees the light of day. Born blind and moving with total darkness slowly through the earth. Now imagine also having no hearing, smelling, tasting. You have the capacity of a human brain but it has had no experiences. There is no content, not even the perception of time. Chemically engined, you move and exist. There is no purpose and it is as though you exist only in the soup of nothing. Life is only dreamingly self aware. Sound like Sartre?

pushing through plasma
Monolithic silence
shrink the expanse
Shallow breathing
inward and out
Though I palpate
a confined redoubt
Vaporous dreams
float about,
I fix nothing
Nothing within it,
nothing at all
Nothing beyond it,
nothing at all
Nothing to tout
Nothing at all

Sartre could not live in the world he created without breaking its rules. Our world is moving toward this broken one.

Hermano Treusel, I very much like your way of reasoning. Do you remember the philosopher who said “I think therefore i exist” I can see, that you think, that is a good sign to me. As I said before there are so many things, that you can not provide an empirical test to it. One of them is gravity.

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You seem to understand philosophy very much, but i like your attitude towards it. There are four very simple things you need to do everyday, that will give you longer life on Earth: Good food, exercise, enough sleep and plenty of laughter. this will help your immune system. Ah, just do not become like Niche. Because chances are, that you will meet God, in the not distant future.


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Herano Trusel. Have being able to answer the question. What is the purpose of life? that is our physical life on earth.

Sure. What’s your question, really?