Is there anyone to answer any real question about reality

Thank you very much.

Hi Genaro, great that we can connect. Now you mentioned the example of the parable of the sower or the farmer in Matthew 13. You are correct that in ancient times, people understood what Jesus meant when a farmer sowed seed in the fields. Now, Genaro, you haven’t given me a question, you put forth a statement and said:This days most farmers use tools developed by today’s technology to get the best production on his farming. This is my description of reality, of today.

Genaro, a parable is a simple story to illustrate something spiritual, moral or some truth. A simple story is universal, and it fits all of reality whether it is in the past or present. Stories are all universal, every people group, tribe, or nation have stories from their history that connects with the present. Let me illustrate a story or parable. This guy was walking down State Street in Chicago and he saw this homeless man on the sidewalk. His body was bruised and he was robbed and beaten. This executive from a large company passed him by and didn’t help him. Another man a lawyer from a large law firm saw the man and he also passed by without notifying the police or ambulance. Finally, this partially crippled veteran saw the bruised man, picked him up, called the ambulance from his cell phone, gave him his burger and a drink and waited for the medics to arrive. Now I am using Luke 10:25-37 the parable of the good Samaritan. Do you see the connection? I hope this was helpful Genaro.


Hello hemano Abraham. I agree 100% with your concept. But you have given mi also the answer to my question, by providing the illustration later. Therefore; why preaches of today do not apply the practical teaching of the “Good Samaritan” By using the example like you have mentioned?. Have you being in one, where the preacher used this illustration to apply to today’s reality? I do not. Just to share with you my disappointment with sermons about the first Beatitude in Matthew 5:3. If I ask you. What is the meaning and application of this commandment of our lord Jesus Christ to you. what will be your answer?

@Genarito1, Hi could you define what you mean by reality please? I’m wondering if you mean being able to engage with the current culture in a relevant way?

Hello Rodney. I wish, I could use very few word to explain it, but it is not possible for me. however if you can help me with patience, perseverance an your inquisitive mind, perhaps the after, we both learn to understand each other.

I am aware of my limitations with language, therefore; what I say, may not mean the same to others.


Reality to me is the picture in my mind, of things I can perceive, some thing physical, other times Metaphysical.

The physical is very much understandable to others, the Metaphysical, depends on many other influential factors to produce that picture.

For example: Culture factors, education factors, Psychological factors, Philosophical factors, an many times existential factors.

This is where the problem of communicating religious worldviews and convictions, has became so hard to agree upon.

This is also the reason why, Christianity to me, is in great need of developing a rational Faith, leaving behind the blind faith, what drives the Christian genuine faith, to a status of irrelevance.

Keep asking questions please.


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@Genarito1, brother, that was extremely clear I now understand your position.
I love apologetics and the subject of worldviews, my influence comes from Cornelius Van til, dr. Greg bahnsen, and Ravi Zacharias. My theological influence comes from Martyn Lloyd Jones, Alistair begg and others along the same line. The Lord has taught me in my apologetics to spot or notice the presuppositional prejudice or bias that the unbeliever (which would include the religious who are Christian in name only) have against God in general and then the Bible in particular and then always ending up with their biased against the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my understanding that every worldview has three components.

  1. Reality or metaphysics
  2. Knowledge or epistemology
  3. Ethics
    And it is only the transcendent revelation of God in the Lord Jesus Christ in the scriptures that gives a coherent, cogent answer to all three components of the world view, in other words it give us the preconditions of intelligibility for all three. This is generally how I approach an apologetic conversation unless the Holy Spirit directs otherwise.

Thank you very much Brother Rodney.
It will be for for me, a great privilege to learn many things, more from You.
I know now the timing of the Lord, is in progression with me, He will continue, wth His gracious quest, to teach me more of the Rational Christianity that this days, I find none to share with.
I have also recently joined RZIM core module training. From there I am hopping to became more in tune with the mind of this crowd.
I am attempting lately, to meet someone from RZIM in Sydney this Friday, Only God knows the future from there. I am highly passionate in outreach and evangelism in Sydney, I also aware of my limitations, but I depend on the support provided by Our Lord.

I love your three components of the worldviews,

By the way. what is your opinion about the JWs, Are they evolved in following another religious worldview, different than Christianity? give me if you can, your opinion about it.

Genaro my brother thank you for that question. Let me answer that question in simple terms and then I will give you a corresponding question. Here is my take on this, the poor in spirit, rather than the proud in spirit are always blessed. Pride is one of the most deadly character traits. We all have it. God is always looking for people who are poor in spirit or have a trait of humility. Struggling with the sin of pride is always before me. It was the kindness of God many years ago, that broke my pride. It was God’s kindness that led me to repent and turn to Jesus. Romans 2:4 Now Genero here is my question for you.
What do you think Matthew 6:33 means? You don’t have to answer its’ just a rhetorical question. When we put Jesus first place in our lives, by that I mean to have Him as our wheel-hub like a hub on a wheel, the questions we generally have in life about the Bible, God, nature, culture, generally come together and we receive insight. If we are in fellowship with Him, having a daily quiet time, reading the Bible, praying, fellowshipping with believers, as a rule, a lot of questions will be answered. The more time we spend with Jesus, seeking His face, the questions that we have passes through our hearts and mind like osmosis. We begin to see things a bit clearly. I don’t know if I helped you with this, but just spend more time with Jesus and some of those questions, you may have that bother you will be answered.

Thank you hermano Abraham. I think I get your answer quite near, to my understanding also. I believe there is more to it than pride alone, but it is OK for now. In respect to the text of Romans 6:23, we could make a great debate, to explore the context and understand the implications for the lives of genuine followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We could also start by describing some of practical examples of today, to provide a meaningful understanding between each other, about this verse.

I also think that each of us may have an opinion about it, based on our religious upbringing.

Shore I agree with you, that clinging onto his written revelations is one way, the fellowship with others interested in the subject will help us to understand it more. I also look for those who disagree with my views, because that helps me ask more questions about the issue. and finally, applying it to today"s reality may confirm it also.

I would like more of your questions to me, This will help me learn more from you also.


Hi Robert,
sorry it took a while to respond. I’m no expert on any of these things either, and I find Peterson quite compelling watching.

I would ask a question to this ‘he believes in which god?’; Allah, Yahweh, the million+ gods of hinduism; the mythical gods like Thor, or ‘god’ being a figment of his imagination (ie the god of wish fulfillment) ; etc. In my opinion; Jung needs to be a bit more precise.

I would try and explain it as the difference between a head knowledge of God’s existence, as revealed in nature and our conscience; and what one might call a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (the result of placing ones complete trust in Christ for salvation: I guess I would describe it as the difference between ‘head’ knowledge; an intellectual assent; and ‘heart’ knowledge; placing of ones complete trust in Christ .

I enjoyed this video ’ Jordan Peterson pulls Christianity out of Sam Harris’ reductionist hat’. It’s unbelievable; and far above my intellect:.

re: Neichze.

I take it you are referring to Neichze famous ‘mad-man’ poem? Ravi Zacharius quotes it sometimes, to prove the point that Neichze, and atheist, realized what would happen if the ‘notion’ of God was removed. It is not that God is dead; but as an atheist, Neichze who believed in no god; thought that the idea of ‘god’ that was an invention of society; was dead; and that society would need to invent something else in His place; an alternative god to worship and to start all over again. money, power, fame, sport, self ? :slight_smile: . And perhaps this ties into the moral argument for God’s existence?

I’m not an expert on Nietzsche; but there are many articles on the main site of quoting him and his writings.

It depends on your perspective. My I ask what is your personal opinion of the Bible?
I would simply say that it is truth, revealed (inspired) by God; and that it reveals reality as it is. I don’t need to understand archetypes or some other psychological theories (which may or may not be true, or another way of describing personality types); God created morally accountable complete free-willed beings; mankind fell; God enacted his plan to redeem mankind; first through the nation of Israel and then fully through the person of Jesus Christ; who according to John 1 is the Creator himself… I read a recent book by Abdu Murray called ‘Saving Truth’; well worth a read and addresses what he calls our culture of confusion brought about by the removal of the absolutes (both truth and morality), and how to find truth in our post-modern culture.

@SeanO sorry to trouble you; do you have any thoughts on Roberts statement ‘The Bible has survived because God brilliantly constructed it to tap into the archetypes he build into our nature. Speaking in parables is not out of ignorance it is because it hits the core of our souls.’ I know you’ve studied far more in many areas. any thoughts on this, or do you have anything else more in depth to what Robert has raised? Cheers :slight_smile:

I will absolutely; I enjoy both Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro when they are talking about their Jewish orthodoxy; and I love PragerU’s video, especially the logical arguments against abortion. I also loved listening to Ravi on Ben Shapiro’s show:

for clarity;
just by the way; ‘acadamy alum’ means I’ve simply done the Core Module training; nothing more; I’m not part of RZIM, nor speak on it’s behalf in anyway. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

as far as I’m aware; Ravi doesn’t post to this forum. If you wanted to ask a question of the RZIM itinerant speakers you can do this in the ‘Ask RZIM’ area of the forum where a speaker is available for a week at a time to give in depth answers. Be sure to post the questions under the speaker for that week (for example this week is: Ask Matthew Mittelberg (March 9-13, 2020))

kindest regards

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Thank you very much for sharing that conversation between Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson. I could appreciate the passionate effort from Jordan to convince to San Harris, that the existence of The God he passionately loves is real. to which I also agree. Unfortunately, It is sad to to accept that Sam Harris has become so self convinced that he physical reality is the only one to exist.

I always think of of the two of them that had recently departed from this world, and found their eternal destiny away from God. and perhaps become like the one in the history of the rich man and Lazarus in the Bible, where, they both are unable to warn Sam Harris and his “compadres” to stop living against God.

@matthew.western I would say that Peterson’s concept of archetypes, which comes from Carl Jung, is quite different from the ordinary use of that word. It is closely tied to the collective experience of humanity and evolutionary psychology, which are claimed to result in humanity having shared archetypes that appear in dreams and that can be helpful in understanding our own nature.

I would say that the Bible survived because of the work of God’s Spirit in peoples’ lives and the amazing love of Christ that it shares more so than because of Jesus’ use of parables, but I’m sure that could be a longer discussion.

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@Genarito1, thank you for your encouraging words yes the JW’s have a different religious worldview but I would approach that in a slightly different manner because it is an aberration of the scriptures the easiest way and by that I mean most direct is to take them back to the scriptures and show them where their Bible has been changed .one of the most powerful is taking them to John chapter 1 in the beginning was God etc .in reading that ask them is there only one God? And when they answer yes ask them is Jesus God they’ll say yes and if they hesitate take them a little farther down chapter one where it explains the Word is Jesus. Then ask them one more time is there only one God and when they answer yes you then point out to them that there is a picture of 2 In this passage .so then who is Jesus ?is he a true God or is he a false god . That will be the start of a lively conversation.
In terms of their worldview their version of Jesus and the Godhead cannot support or bring meaning or intelligibility to Life as we know It. And because of that it cannot be a true worldview.

Thank you very much Hermano Rodney. I always have this tendency to ask other people questions. Perhaps this is my confirmation to what Dr Rabbi Zacharias says. “Questions are often loaded with pre-assumptions” I agree with your answer. I often ask the JWs “At the end times, Who is coming back to make things better, than what they are now?” their answer, if they answer the question is often “The word Jesus Christ of course” my follow up question is “Therefore Jesus is God” their answer if sometimes is “yes but He was the first creation of Jehova,” then read “1st Colossians 1:15” this opens my conversation answer to the meaning of this passage, what this passage has to do with the birthright according to the customs of people of the Old Testament, where the older sun is the one in control of the father’s state, the example case of Abraham and Isaac, where Jacob took the birthright of his brother Esau. More often, if I ask for the reading of John 1:1 in Their Bible, they excuse themselves by mentioning to be late for another appointment. I myself also had a JW teacher who persisted on teaching me, until we had to touch the issue of Jesus. at this point He got very unhappy with me and finished his training on me.

They and the Muslims are my favorite crowd, with whom I enjoy attempting to bring them back to Eternal life.


Great response. Ravi has inspired me to turn over every stone and to seek truth. I don’t know why but it all fascinates me. I love James Tour and Steven Mayer.
Your Christ “Head” and Christ “Heart” is wonderful. I love exploring thoughts that lead to God and point to what is in my heart.
As far as the Bible I believe it is like living water.
I read every day. It has changed my life.
Sorry I’m getting tired I will continues later
God Bless R

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Peterson actually called the ultimate question of meaning in 10 million years a question from the Devil. And yes it is valid to say that this symphony will end and ultimately does it have any meaning or purpose. He lives above the line of despair as Schaefer would say because he recognizes that he cannot live below it, yet he rejects the conditions in that optimism that do not allow a person to live in both levels.

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Trusel: hi! Great thought. I think the main difficulty in contemplating Gods beginning arises from the truth of his “beginninglessness” . There is beautiful symbology and infinite entendre in his description of himself. Our ability to know him is implicit in the addressing of his speech to us. At the same time, our inability to know him is as implicit in his name: “I Am”. This harmony of knowing and not knowing is as encompassing of man as our experience of the existence we are placed within. That the “I Am” came as a man, was indeed a gift of revelation. But the man/God Jesus contained within his being as dichotomous a set of known and unknowns as his Father. He put humble men at rest in his calling himself “the son of man”, as one who argues the case of his neighbors suffering and injustice in the courts. But Jesus also incited the knowledge seekers to rage when he took upon himself the unknowable name when answering accusations of his desire to be as their historical hero and father, Abraham, when he said “before Abraham, I Am”. He gives rest and wisdom to the simple. He brings low the proud. The simple, the childlike, he beckons: come and know. Jesus stopped mid-lesson in his teaching one day to thank his Father for hiding the truth from the wise and revealing it to the children. The more i read, and rest in what he’s given me, the more i realize that lynyrd skynyrd was on to something. I strive to be simple. And in keeping with his nature and his word, he gives me more of his understanding. Trusel, i leave you with a prayer for blessing, and a poem: God bless you in your search for Truth. Jesus said if its truth you seek, you will hear his voice. May it be so for you and i. Amen. “We find him not inside the books, stacked high above our doors, nor in the certain spaces of our walls. As those who’ve run to hide beneath the panels of their floors, in prayer we kneeling, hear his whispered calls. In the asking of his whereabouts, warm portal opens wide, in seeking Him the seeker finds the sought for by his side. Beneath the sun, and we a part, a children’s game, no peeking, then search begun, He leads our hearts, to find Him in the seeking.” - your friend in Christ. tanner