Is there more spots for the June 4th core module?

Hello, I have been saving up money to start the core module course for June 4th, I finally have the money and then when I went to go register, it was locked. Do I have to wait another month now? I was really hoping to get into the June 4th date. It would be HIGHLY appreciated if anyone knows anything or has any advice? Is there any other courses I could do? I was really dedicated to saving money to get into this month. I’m pretty upset about it.

Hi @Christian_Rodriguez,

Thanks for reaching out, and we’re glad to hear that you’re excited to take the Core Module. The June section of the course filled up fairly quickly, but we were able to add a few spots and get you into the course. The course is completely at capacity at this point so unfortunately anyone else who is interested will have to consider a future section of the course. If you have any further trouble, you can contact your moderator or email us at

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Hey Brandon,

I actually got in contact with another supervisor and they moved me into the June section earlier today! Thank you for contacting me though!