Is there scientific evidence that points to a Creator?

Hello AJ and I really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions :smiley:. My question is, what do you believe are the best 2-3 evidences from your area of expertise that point to a Creator, and why?

Thank you

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Hi Brian.

One thing that points clearly to the goodness of the Creator is the fine-tuning for human flourishing revealed at the foundational level of life on Earth. And no, I’m not talking about the fine-tuning of the origin of the universe and physical laws. No, I’m not talking about the Goldilocks effect and Earth’s privileged place in the cosmos, galaxy, and solar system nor the importance of gas giants for having our back, so to speak. I’m talking about what I mentioned to @blbossard.

Viruses and bacteria.

Viruses absolutely cannot reproduce on their on. They need a living cell to make more viruses. Bacteria are legion, living, single cell organisms that are masters of adaptation and reproduction. Bacteria are also primary producers. Through photosynthesis and chemosynthesis (some) bacteria synthesize organic building blocks from inorganic chemicals. These bacterially-synthesized organic molecules support all other life forms on Earth. Without bacteria, other life is not possible.

But because bacteria are such masterful reproducers and adapters they should outcompete every other life form and fill every available environmental space to the exclusion of other life forms. But they don’t. Viruses keep bacteria in check! And viruses can’t run amok because they can’t sustain their own replication. They need a living cell!

At the most foundational levels of life we have a system of checks and balances (viruses and bacteria) that open ecological space and provide fundamental organic material for life to flourish!

Add to this that we don’t really know where viruses originate. They can’t have originated in a Darwinian fashion since they are not self-replicating. Perhaps they devolved from once living cells in a “just-so” fashion as to maintain the necessary components to replicate once in a living cell, but that’s not an obvious origin. It’s more like a shrug of the shoulders and an “I don’t know, maybe,” kind of answer.

Or maybe, these microbes of immense diversity and overwhelming (staggering) numbers (1 x 10^31) were part of a creation made for human flourishing so we could discover signs of God’s goodness. We can see how God provides viruses for fine-tuning life and as resources for discovery. These tiny nanomachines teach us so many critical elements of cell and molecular biology. By harnessing them and the lessons they teach us, we discover tools for creation care and advancing crop, animal and, human health.

What great signs of a loving God and lavish creation!