Is this merely pampering to our physical weakness or sin

I have a dear lady-friend. I was trying to win her to Christ but there was one ostacle she couldn’t over come. She masturbates. As for me, I have a weakness too - I need more hours of sleep than an average Jill.
Coming from Jane (this lady), if she misses a day without it, she’d not function. She works in a profession where she commandeers other professionals in her office. A highly-pressured job.
As for me, in my younger days, I had suffered a mental breakdown (which I had overcome but) now being overshadowed by severe chronic insomnia and rising from bed each morning is a losing battle of my will. And it triggered my need for at least 9 hrs sleep each day. Without this, I also couldn’t function well the next day, just like Jane.
Jane sort of said, “See, we are in the same boat. Don’t judge me and just leave me be.”
What more can I bring into this conversation between us, can anyone here help?
I am really concerned for this dear sister and wish so much for her to be drawn onto Jesus’s love for her.

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@Priscilla1. Thank you for such a willingness to be seen. That takes courage to own your own imperfections. To be willing to challenge yourself. In my experiences, that degree of transparency is crucial to finding freedom.

Your friend’s response is also illuminating. When people throw the “don’t judge me,” like a shield; it is clear they already sense the bondage such behavior has cast upon their lives. That’s a socially accepted way of saying; “I know its wrong but I don’t want you to see me as wrong, so shut-up!”

I don’t know if I would try to convince her it was bondage, she already knows. If you feel led by GOD to speak about her bondage do not hesitate or drawback because of the accusation of judging. People don’t seem to realize in order to declare someone is judgmental means you have also become judgmental. Is your judgment of me more valid, less wrong? We all judge. We all draw conclusions. She actually means don’t condemn me. And that’s the assurance I would offer. “I love you but GOD has more for you. Don’t you want that for yourself? I certainly do for my life!”

I can speak to such bondage. I have walked that path. And I can tell you it was not a path GOD was content that I traverse. If the LORD brought me deliverance, it is there for your friend as well. The most powerful action you could bring to her situation will be prayer. Words alone can be fuel for the anger and frustration that is present when you feel controlled by anything or anyone.

Not until your friend realizes that successful functioning should be present across the spectrum of her life will she be open to change. When I realized how insufficiently satisfied I felt afterward and when I felt the separation from GOD’s presence it brought; only then did I turned to GOD for deliverance. You have to get sick and tired of your bondage before you begin to seek release.

It might help you to know. I went through a period when I suffered a type of narcotism. So severe that while driving I would awake to find I was driving on the opposite side of the roadway. Drug use or abuse has never been one of my issues, yet that day it took me nearly a half-hour to drive two blocks and return to my home and call my job. I could not function.

You already know that chronic insomnia is bondage on your life. Don’t settle for any condition in your living that makes you feel you cannot help it. JESUS died for our “can’t help its.”

Again, anything or anyone that keeps you from being your best self represents bondage. All during your walk with JESUS, you will encounter the challenge to rise above and press towards the mark of the high calling.

Double-check to make sure there are no physical or mental attributes or practices that are causing this chronic side effect. Like prescribed medicines. After eliminating that possibility, hook your spiritual arms about the horn of the altar before the LORD and hold on until He brings your change. The change will come. The culprit identified and the bondage lifted.

If Jacob could wrestle all night until he received the name change he needed; even after having his hip dislocated, you can know similar deliverance. Be as determined, patient, and brave as he was. (Genesis-32:24-30 kjv ) Don’t let go until the LORD blesses your soul and set you free.