Is Yoga demonic?

I posted a picture of a young lady in a yoga pose.
I was commenting about healthy lifestyle choices and how even as a teenager I could not have done these positions of flexibility.
I have a friend comment.

I look at this young woman doing yoga and I think Hindu spiritual practice. I think about the spiritual doors being opened in her life and the demonic attachment she is welcoming. Quite possibly doing it all unawares.

I struggle with his comment.
Am I wrong in my thinking. There are different levels of yoga. That you can do yoga without the spiritual aspect of it or is all yoga demonic.


@Lakshmismehta has written an excellent post in “To Yoga…or NOT to Yoga” in the Daily Evangelism category. I highly recommend it.

I attempted to send you the link, but was unsuccessful. I am sure the fault is mine.

Mary Beth


Thanks @MaryBeth1 I found that post after I had posted mine.
Excellent post gives you lots to think about.

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Thanks @CharlesDavid!

We have had several discussions on this topic in the past on Connect and here are a few different threads. I understand there are sincere Christians on both sides of the debate on yoga. I feel particularly concerned about Christians adopting yoga because of several reasons which are all in way connected with its origins in hindu meditative practices. I worry about the influence hinduism will have on future generations when yoga is accepted in churches, our testimony to hindus and its acceptability before God when it’s not rooted in the Bible. May God guide you as seek to understand this further.