Isaac Alvarado

Hola. Soy Isaac Alvarado y vivo en Guatemala, en el occidente del país.
Recientemente terminé el programa de apologética de RZIM.
Trabajo como asesor estudiantil con estudiantes universitarios en GEU, afiliada a la IFES.
Espero seguir aprendiendo sobre el cristianismo con todos y compartir sobre mi experiencia.

Hi! My name is Isaac Alvarado. I’m from Guatemala.
I speak a little bit of english. Recently I finished the program of apologetic from RZIM.
Work in the staff of the movement of university students from my country call GEU, is affiliate of IFES.
I hope to continue learning about christianity with all of you and share a little bit about my experience.


Great to meet you, @isalvarado! Hello from CA, USA :wave:t3: and congratulations on completing the apologetics course! Was that the Core Modules course?

What a great opportunity to interact with the students there!

There are many categories provided here pertaining to different aspects of spiritual growth and apologetics. Please join in as you’re able!

Yes, we’d love to hear more of your story!


Welcome to the connect @isalvarado! It’s great to have you join us! May God bless you and your efforts on this journey!


Welcome aboard @isalvarado. Glad you have joined. Hope you enjoyed the course. God-bless you and your journey.


yeah! Is great work interacting with students. But, now we only connect with them for digital platform.

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Yes! I think will going to take de Core Modules.

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thanks for your welcome.

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Thank you. I enjoy that.

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Yes, this COVID stuff has affected a lot of how we do things with almost everything going to online. Hope y’all are staying safe and well there in Guatemala! :pray:t3:

Blessings to you and your country!

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Mucho gusto, @isalvarado - y bienvenidos a Connect! Yo visite tu pais en 2016 con un equipo de misioneros medicales - fue un gran experiencia - muchos cuerpos se recuperado y muchas almas salvadas!

Espero muchas conversaciones contigo en Connect!

Glad to meet you, Isaac Alvarado. I visited your country in 2016 with a team of medical missionaries. It was a great experience. Many bodies were healed and many souls were saved. I hope for many conversations with you on Connect!


Que hermoso que haya visitado Guatemala. Y gracias a Dios por las personas que fueron salvadas.
Un gusto, hermano James.