Sup everyone.
I’m from Ahmedabad, India.
I enjoy listening to Ravi Zacharias and learnt a lot.
I’m excited to join this and learn more.


Welcome Issac!


Hello, Isaac, and welcome to Connect. It is great to have you join our community, and I hope you can find answers to your questions and share your own knowledge with others. Looking forward to learning more from you! :slight_smile:


Hello @IsaacMunzni, welcome! I trust you will feel very welcome here. Check out the topics and join in the conversation. You can start you own topic as well. Good to have you here and look forward to your thoughts.


Greetings Isaac. Welcome to the tribe. If you have ever been to an enormous library with floors and floors and endless rows of books, the first encounter is impressive and intimidating. If you meet some kind and helpful librarians, all fear should disapate. This forum has some very, very remarkable “librarians” who are very helpful. I know you will get much out of it and will give of yourself when opportunity shows up.


Hey man, you’re welcome. It’s a pleasure to have you here :sunglasses:

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Welcome aboard @IsaacMunzni. I’m glad to have you joining from India. It is so good to have a global community such as this. And let us know a little bit about you. If there are any topics that you are intrested please feel free to explore. If you have any prayer requests let us know. God-bless you and your journey.

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