Isabella B

Hello! I’ve been browsing the forums for perhaps the last hour, and I finally decided to follow the directions of the pop-up at the top of the screen. (Lol.)

I’m from Australia, NSW, in… pretty much the middle of nowhere. I am a teenager, and I have been studying Christianity and apologetics for the past few years.

I joined Connect in the hope that I could get answers to some of my many questions regarding Christianity. I would not call myself a Christian, currently; but I am a theist and am being raised in a Christian environment. My mother enjoys Ravi Z.'s talks, and I have watched a few with her (as well as reading some of his books.)
I’m currently struggling/learning in the areas of Christianity vs other religions, feminism and Christianity (specifically “wives should submit to their husbands”), dating, and sexuality. I have a hard time accepting emotional explanations and anecdotal evidence as proofs, which is diametrically opposite to my parents. (Hence my joining here.)

I have a large pool of knowledge in topics such as theism vs atheism, specifically the refutation of evolution and related topics, and I enjoy talking about them and contributing to discussions and helping people surrounding that. I’m looking forward to interacting with theists and Christians from different family and cultural backgrounds, and who are at different stages in their respective journeys.

Thank you to everyone reading this, for taking time out of your day to interact with me. It is very much appreciated!


Hi Isabella,

You’re welcome to this lovely community. I’m new too.
I’ve enjoyed my stay so far and I think this platform is just great…and I trust you’ll find it so😊.
I really look forward to your partcipation.
Do enjoy your stay,



Thank you! :smiley:

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Hi @jeanne68, so wonderful to have you here and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I trust you will find this a friendly environment. I see you are already comfortable engaging. Please continue to do so. Take care :heart:


thank you! :slight_smile:


Isabella, it is so wonderful to hear of your heart to investigate and know Truth. I hope you have the courage to keep asking questions here, as there are many around the world who want to study and walk with you here. Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @jeanne68. Seek and you will find the answers your heart desires. Your queries are relevant and very good. I can think of no site out there that will match the care and substantive response you so deserve. So, ask away. Enjoy your journey to meet the person of Christ who loves and encourages men to love their wives, not dominate them, and who encourages mutual submission to each other. Your testimony will be powerful. God-bless your time here and your journey to faith in the one who has died for you, to grant you the gift of salvation, who rose to show power over death to grant all who believe the hope and promise of eternal life.